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Photo By Jeremy S Gordon


Photo By Jeremy S Gordon


I am a multi media artist, family woman and homesteader galore who infuses crystals into lifestyle products and promotes spirited living and wellness through an array of media. I also spent over a decade in corporate marketing in NYC for the world’s leading tech and entertainment companies specializing in VIP Events and High End Technology Marketing, Sales & Strategy. In the evenings I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology for Jewelry Design and Gemology in NYC . Additionally, I have formally studied Sacred Geometry and Geomancy with the Evolver Institute and more recently Aromatherapy at the International Aromatherapy Institute.

Today, I am an creative arm, a mother and a wife. I created my own line of crystal infused holistic creations, and offer lifestyle companion products as well as wellness solutions under the brand BETHKAYA. My brand and social media efforts have pioneered this modality in the cosmetic world.

Going Home to @atmanandayoga in NYC My New Yorker contingency can shop in person there next week! Very excited, ️beautiful studio downtown! ⚡️ #yoga #crystalinfused #natural #holistic #shamanic #intentional #lifestyle #art #joy #passion

 I create seasonal product lines as displayed in the shop with a focus on functional, crystal infused holistic applications. These include – Luxury Spa Body Products, Fragrance, Essential oils,  Jewelry, Home Pieces, Collectibles, Orgone Accumulators and more.  I work with a lot of amazing indie artists, and collaborate with them often. You can find all of my latest creations in my etsy shop.

In addition to my hand made works – I have a focused interest in crystals, new age spirituality, life with intention and self growth through alternative modalities.

* I am a fully insured cosmetic provider and proud to wear many hats in my business and life. Creativity has no bounds! You can find my latest creations at – www.bethkaya.etsy.com

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My product line evolves with me as a person and artist. Check back to see where I am with my body of work and events. During the summer I host installations featuring henna art, crystals and my creations. Check the events tab for more information on any of my upcoming events, collaborations or projects.



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Photo By Rommy Coleman


Beth Erxleben







Fashion Institute of Technology NYC – Jewelry Design & Gemology

Evolver.Org ONLINE – Shamanic Initiation, Sacred Geometry & Geomancy

International Aromatherapy Institute ONLINE – Aromatherapy

Work :

The American Association For Laboratory Accreditation – Lab Services Coordinator

IPC Systems Inc, NYC – Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Sony Corporation of America, NYC – Sales and Marketing Coordinator

BethKaya / ERX CREATIVE – CEO – Designer – Brand Director





  1. Rommy Coleman says:

    LOVING the new website design and layout!!! Everything looks fantastic!!!

  2. My husband was injured on the the job. He was an ironworker and he was badly hurt. He has had six operations in the last five years. We have been suffering financially however he has a case that should close August 30, 2015. I have three sick children two with autism and one with depression. I got my children early intervention so they are doing well. This settlement will set my children up do that they will not have to struggle do hard in this world. Could you create a good vibe oil, candle, Crystal that can give off good energy. I’m a nurse and I give back to society. I just want this case to close a give my kids enough to get an education and also give back to society. My middle daughter is so artistically talented, my oldest wants to work with animals and my son wants to work with kids like him. I love my husband, we were first responders. We need a break and good energy. Pls. Help.

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