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As you can see this label is undergoing major transformation and glitches 😉 along the way. Please stick with us while we fine tune things a bit better.

This summer part of the transformation aside from our logo reconstruction headed by Capitol Society; we went completely legit. What this means is no more “hobby” design, blanket sales, flea markets and fanny packs. (OK I’m keeping the flea markets and fanny packs) But what this does mean is that I am on the books. I am collecting tax, reporting everything, carrying business insurance, lawyers, cpas ….


So with this my prices are going to flutter a little bit higher. Its not cheap to run a business. You all know that I do everything to work with my customers to keep everything fair for all parties but the bells and whistles are what I bring to the table so sometimes you gotta pay just a smear extra for those bells and whistles. I know my customers, especially longtime clients are with me on the brand revolution we are going through.


I have been exploring my gem connections, knowledge and expanding my spiritual studies this summer on a huge level. In addition to this we spent the summer growing, harvesting and preserving organic food and flowers. After tincturing herbs, and exploring floral essences all last summer – this summer was more focused on proto typing my signature fragrances, and gemstone + botanical infused clean fragrances as well as formulated anointing/ roll on essential oil blends.

Putting these pieces in place as a designer has taken years of study, dedication to herbalism, gemology and tapping into my psynthestesia. My sensory makeup is full of crossed wires. As I’ve previously mentioned I am tasting the things I am seeing and smelling simultaneously. This attribute lends to my creativity on a myriad of levels. In the kitchen and as a farm to table family and as a lover of perfumes that don’t give me a headache – this progression is near and dear to my heart.


I appreciate the feedback joy I’ve been able to bring to people capturing the essence of something for you. The florals, the fragrances (even if synthetic) essential oils, carrier oils and gemstones alike have a vibration and a life signature. In my home, garden and studio we have the purest intent while we pray over our blends, gemstones and earth’s offerings. Thank you for your continued support and I hope you support our Martha Stewart’s “AMERICAN MADE” Campaign this September.

We did a lot of fun stuff this summer and have more events coming up. I wanted to give a special thanks to Zoe Wilder and Nutritious for hosting me at the world DJ convention last month in Atlantic City. They have been big supporters of my fragrances and as a budding mobile DJ it was so stellar to hear them speak and play with some toys. I also want to thank Jen at Open Minded in Toms River NJ – for hosting my pieces in her shop and at her Customer Appreciation event this past Saturday. It was amazing to showcase my work – meet her customers and paint henna on her guests! Awesome day full of beautiful people and crafts.

The end of my twenties is approaching and I can say that as I enter my thirties I am poised to continue my work in wondrous and eclectic ways.  As a final thank you I wanted to mention Mallory Wingo of Wingostarr Jewelry and Emily French of Emmy Eff Designs. By random chance I found industry friends who feel more like kindred spirits. I appreciate your support and cheer-leading! Really excited about our growing instagram presence – its a great window into our little world here! @BethKaya

Thank you for being with me for the last 12 years.

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