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Shop Hiatus



Just wanted to let anyone visiting know the shop is closed until further notice. Hopefully just a few months but I am not putting expectations on anything right now. I appreciate every person who has ever supported my journey as an artist. It’s not over , it’s just – pausing and changing.

There’s so much more to climb, always climbing.



rocks crumbled and fell beneath me

i paused

i used my hands, and my nose to feel my way

i continued to climb

the next summit up was filled with lava

the heat of it burnt my cheeks

it reminded me of my honeymoon in kalapana


bloodied feet

to watch earth be born

swearing i’d never do it again

but glad I did it once

and succeeded

like glass that rock broke away from me

using my hands was never allowed

and I made it down

i made it


8/14 – Poem



There are winds that blow
Through lush corridors of gardens
That smell of old yesterdays
Battle fields, cook outs , hide and seek spots
And then the Silence after the intrusion of a prop plane and abandoned car alarm
Some soft moments
Or pillows in the sky take us somewhere
Somewhere we’ve been before
In our minds, our energy signatures
And the salty spray of a dawn evening
With the sensation it brings you
An understanding you felt
Is every bit of the potion to the paradox
That we are old, young and aging
Racing towards the next something
Yearning sometimes
To know what it is
Become what we are
Live in the meaning
And those scents that poke the back of your neck and remind you of a place you once sat or an old lovers neck
Those messages in a bottle
Serve as an understanding
Of the ephemeral body
And memory
The present
And our choices
The bridges we cross
Those smells
The ones we burn
Those smells
And the ones we orbit for a time
And a time again
Long enough to smell something
Something familiar
To be recalled on
When a creaking door leads you in
And the dust of an old book gives way to that ink and paper bound smell