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My goal with my label is to provide conscious consumers with goods to make self-care and support a daily ritual filled with intention with the best quality ingredients. My products are either all natural, nearly natural, simply holistic, and are all nontoxic and effective skin care products. My goods are often infused with crystals and world renowned ingredients for both results physically and within the spirit.

I believe SELF CARE is so important. Grooming and Bathing, are things we do solely for ourselves, or our families. This time should be spent with products that will heighten and elevate the experience.
Q: What do the crystals do for me inside of these products?
Some believe that crystals aid in certain realms. Intention work is the practice of imbuing an energy or thought vibration into something and it hosting that love or energy. When I am creating, my intention is in love, when you are bathing your intention is in self-love. Whatever energy the crystal offers to you, you are offering back to the crystal to store every time you use the product. When the product is finished and you are left with a crystal, that crystal is mapped with your very own essence.
Some of my products just contain salt crystals, or zeolite / clay crystals. These earth elements have various chemical and mineral make ups that react with our bodies in healthful ways. Additionally, working with plant medicines be it, essential oils, tinctures, herbs and more, also helps us align with natural earth energy. This is a crucial element to grounding ourselves and connecting to our vitality within ourselves.

In addition to my self care collections I love to create orgone and spirited home goods as well as collect and offer you beautiful, ETHICAL, handpicked, minerals and crystal specimens from my travels.

 Every order is packaged to delight and awe with the intention to encourage healing, wellness and wholeness from the heart.

 I have fostered relationships globally to bring you the highest quality, therapeutic, organic and food grade ingredients.

 My products are created with many skin types in mind, if you have a specific issue please message me to discover right products for you. My products are not cures – please keep an open mind, some things work for some people and not others. You can read customer reviews as well to help you make your decisions. Please feel free always to message me with anything during your experience with me. It’s very important to get to know each person.

 My products are all batch tested on me (Beth) and my family. My products and their suppliers are NEVER tested on animals NOR are produced in any inhumane way. Including Beeswax & Palm Oils. (MPOA & RSPO affiliated)

 **My products will NEVER contain: Parabens, Sodium Laurel Sulfate, Formaldehyde, Phthalates, Petrochemicals, Nitro Musks, Unnatural Dyes, Mineral Oil, Petroleum Anything!

 My self care offerings are not intended for anyone with NUT allergies. Many of my items are VEGAN but not all of them, please search that in my shop window to discover those specialties. ALL PRODUCTS AND INGREDIENTS ARE


 I work with different fragrance types including green synthetics and essential oils. While Essential oils connect with humans on a plant energy level, some people are very sensitive to them. Also essential oils evaporate faster in candles, candles scented with fragrance oil will inherently be stronger smelling for longer.

 I also work with many different wax and wick types. They all have their OWN properties and differences, they have quirks when mixed with certain oils and containers. Please follow all candle instructions included and message me if you have any issues or questions. Always burn under watchful eyes, on heat safe surfaces and away from children and small pets. Our wax blends are all done in house and are special to our brand. They are clean and long burning.
 Inventory is in real time, if there is a product you rely on please pay attention to how many are in stock. Message me for custom oils, bundles, gifting requests, wholesale, collaborations etc.

 **PLEASE REVIEW my shipping policies on the shipping tab – you are responsible as one of my customers for orienting yourself with my policies. These protect us both. If ever there are shipping overages, (say from a bundle order) these are always refunded at the time of shipping.
 International customers message me if you want an exact shipping quote. You are responsible for customs and duties. Message me with any questions. I SHIP GLOBAL!

 All of my self care items have a 1 year maximum lifespan expectancy. Treat these items like fresh food, store out of light, heat and use immediately. They may last longer, but climate and storage are variables. All crystals and Orgone, when treated with care should last you a lifetime.
 ALWAYS perform skin patch tests. This is your responsibility with any product you put onto your skin. Discontinue use immediately upon discomfort. If you are nursing or pregnant, consult your health professional before using anything. Do not use any products on pets or infants unless they are specified, dually keep out of reach.

Our skin is our biggest filter, and I believe it should be cared for with natural earth minerals and essences.

This should be a time of meditation and rejuvenation. My unique scentscapes and ingredient combinations are made in small batches and seasonally. A huge goal of my work is to be beneficial while evoking something special. I formally studied Gemology (FIT), Aromatherapy (IATI) & Sacred Geometry / Geography (Evolver IT). BethKaya was established in 2002 and has blazed a trail for a #crystalinfused movement globally & proudly. Please see my latest work and collaborations on :

Instagram @BETHKAYA as well as @SELFCARECOVE

If you LOVED your experience with me – I would love for you to shout it out! @BethKaya on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter! I love to repost beautifully composed customer photos sometimes. I love when you leave me photos in feedback and offer your feedback to my future shoppers. I often reward customers who leave generous feedback notes! This helps my customers!

Additionally if you have an issue, please allow me to correct it before just leaving negative remarks. Something like that is super damaging to a grassroots business and I am here to get it right for you and make sure your experience is a top rate one.

Disclaimer: The statements presented on this site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products offered on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Crystals and Intention goods are for meditation and curio purposes.

Additional policies and FAQs



I do wholesale and private label – Message Me

I am open to customs most of the time, tune into my instagram account for updated shop announcements and policy shifts. I love to create orders for unique shops, events, showers, weddings, corporate and more. Message Me!  @BethKaya

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