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JiggleBop Vol 1 & 2


Good Sunday Evening to you from Beth!

Lots of tinkering and assignments going on in the studio.  We are accepting more entertainment/event centered projects lately among these, DJ gigs! I hadn’t had my recording and mixing equipment set up in the studio for a while but after a recent lil gig in a local firehouse to benefit the Providence House (Local Women’s Abuse Shelter) ; I got the itch to free mix/record.So here’s the first bite from my “Jigglebop” series. It’s music from all eras, synth heavy, headbob & jiggle your hips heavy.

Perfect for spring – >  check in for the next installment!

Vol 2 Isn’t As Tight But Oh Well…

“Baskets of Happiness” By: Lady Cartelli


       Once a month I get a craving like no other. I need it. I have to have it. I can’t shake my hunger until it’s appeased. Xiao long bao (xlb), aka soup dumplings, is a Shanghai phenomenon that puts all other dumplings to shame. I have thought deeply about all types of dumplings. I once dedicated a car ride to brainstorming about all different cultural dumplings (ravioli, empanada, shumai, pierogi, etc.) and tried to engage my husband in such a conversation. His dumpling enthusiasm wasn’t quite at my level, but he can agree that soup dumplings are special. In fact, he lets me drag him to busy parts of Jersey, Chinatown, or even Flushing to satiate my obsession.

       When made correctly, soup dumplings are a culinary experience. Imagine a very thin skinned, steamed dumpling filled with a light pork mixture, as opposed to the dense mystery inside most take-out dumplings. Add to that a savory, decadent soup broth inside of the dumpling, surrounding the filling.

     Typically, restaurants that make xiao long bao will offer two types: pork and crab/pork mix. If you can’t handle fishy then I suggest sticking to the pork, I do.

How do you eat a soup dumpling?

First, try and control yourself when they present you with the basket full of happiness. They’re hot, so give them a minute. While you wait, put some of the vinegar accompaniment in your soup spoon. Use the provided tongs, or chopsticks, to grab the top, twisted part of the dumpling, and place the dumpling onto your spoon. Do this very carefully because if you break the dumpling you lose 90% of the awesome. Carefully nibble a small hole in the top of the dumpling, and sip some of the broth. Be present in this moment because nothing else will matter and troubles will fade away. Some of the broth will leak into your spoon (yay) and some of the broth will fall onto your plate (boo). Let the dumpling breathe for a moment, unhinge your jaw, and eat the best dumpling you’ve ever tasted. It’s blissful.

*Disclaimer, that is how I do it, and nothing about this process could be authentic.

Check out my husband, doing a decent job taking down a dumpling, here:


Here are my top 3 spots to eat xlb in the NYC area. Soup dumplings are best when the skin of the dumpling is thin, the meat inside isn’t heavy, and the broth is flavorful. I’ve tried these places out, and they fit the criteria.

  1. Petite Soo Chow, Cliffside Park, NJ
  2. Shanghai Cafe, Mott Street, Chinatown
  3. Nan Xiang Dumpling House, Flushing

In closing, if this post doesn’t make you rush out to try some xiao long bao, then maybe Anthony Bourdain can sway you:


*Editors Note: Here are a few places in other neighborhoods outside of the New York area to get xlb. Enjoy!

-Kelly Hecht, Chief Editor

Shanghai Lounge, Georgetown, Washington, DC

Shanghai Taste, Rockville, MD

ROC, Los Angeles, CA

Moon Palace Restaurant, Chicago, IL

Lung Gong Restaurant, Miami, FL

Dumpling Happiness, Austin, TX

Gourmet Dumpling House, Boston, MA

I can’t say it enough



Beth here – weekly check in – loving the pieces that my peers are serving up for you. Just offering a dose of visual inspiration yet again!

Wise Words


xo BK




Hey Guys – Spin this! Some tune highlights from the BKDC Studio!

Update from the BK


I hope our readers are enjoying Kelly’s pieces. I know you are! Such a busy bee to the K these days.

As most of you know – we are bringing on more writers! YAY! The voices coming forward are going to knock your socks off and give me a rest from blabbering. Focused on lots of exciting projects I want to talk about so in a flurry – here’s the check in –

I launched my latest project, label – >



VERY Excited about it!


BethKaya@gmail.com OR KellyMHecht@gmail.com

Star in our Little Black Dress Refeature!!!


  • More Info:
  • https://www.facebook.com/events/1396357900604699/
  • Roxy ‘n’ Dukes presents the premier art gallery presentation of De La Vega Photography

    A year in the making, over 15 models, and one night to celebrate the artistry and magic of the 1920’s showgirls of yesteryear, as interpreted by photographer, R. Xavier De La Vega

    The Ziegfeld Follies were a series of elaborate theatrical productions on Broadway in NYC from 1907 to 1931, and the beautiful showgirls were the main draw, with their radiant beauty, their talent, dancing, and naughtiness! Drawing inspiration from that vintage era, this series looks to capture the regal beauty and scintillating draw of a forgotten time. But wait… there’s more!

    There will be LIVE music, dancing, vendors, food, drink, and of course, 1920’s attire is STRONGLY encouraged for all!!! Deck yourselves out and join us for this first presentation of art and celebration, and maybe you’ll even win the costume contest!

    Get your Pre-sale tickets until February 8th – $10
    Admission price on February 8th thru 21st – $15
    Day of the Event admission price – $20

    Tickets are now available!!!
    Print your receipt as your ticket.

    Do not miss the fun and revelry of a bygone era.

Meet BKDC’s First Contributing Writer – Kelly Hecht


As I mentioned in the last two posts – in 2014 I am rolling out a new plan for this website. I plan to turn this into a powerhouse of information, fashion, art & design.

Kelly has been a longtime friend of mine socially and professionally. She has great style and a knack for words. Here at the BKDC – She’s going to share her passion for fashion, trend and whatever else she wants to. She’s that cool – and we want in!

Here’s a little bio – expect more gab from her in 2014!


About Kelly – From Kelly

“I am a chameleon. Whether it is fashion or life, I am looking for new ways to change and evolve. I am never satisfied in the same place for long.  I was born in Korea, and adopted as a baby.  Despite being raised in the DC area; I spend my time going between my hometown of Maryland and my second home New York City trying to eat Spanish tapas and traveling whenever possible.  My first “real job” was with The Washington Post’s local newspaper, naturally then the Gazette, and most recently I was a buyer for the Trump Organization in Manhattan.

Living and working in both the NYC and the DC area, I have tried to develop a style all my own. I am looking for ways to stay both trendy and classic but find myself asking the question, “What does a 30 year old wear?” I want to focus on that question as I know I am not the only one that asks themselves that question each day. Trend spotting and setting is my lifeblood! I am constantly updating with the newest styles, every season on and off the runway. It is my mission to discover – how can these elements be tied together and how it can they be incorporated into your closet at home.  From Jordan’s to Chanel Espadrilles, Neiman Marcus to Target- I adore fashion and have a deep respect for people that make style their own. My number one rule on “style”: If you are in love with what you wear chances are you will look and feel good too.”

There you have it!

Have a great week! Stay Tuned!


Wording It Out In the New Year


2014 is about to get even wordier.

As I am sure you’ve noticed if you’re following me on Social Media – Things are getting pretty wordy with my jewelry as well as my Tarot practice. For the first time this blog will begin to feature the voices of some of my dearest peers and mentors.

>I am totally awesome because I keep even BETTER company.<
So here’s the deal – stay tuned as I start to roll out the 2014 Cast of BethKaya Design and Consulting. Be prepared for more art, fashion, business and spirit talk wrapped up in real information for the dream chaser in you. For the person kicking around an idea, a goal or a talent they want to get a grip on and aim it at the world. This blogs for you!

A person can easily eliminate any fear of competition if you focus on making your voice unique while appealing to the higher waves of trend. Everyone has the same  chance to make art or design things you enjoy as well as sell those items. This blog is also simply to help put designs skills to use spiritually, stylistically and on the homefront. It’s one thing to make things, it’s another to sell them or actually want them out on display in your own home!

If you’re reading this and you’re saying to yourself, “I have a voice and I want to use it” – Message me. Let’s put it to use. BETHKAYA is a label for MAVERICKS! Let’s light this blog on FIRE with Information, Spirit, Radical Ideas in Design, Art, Fashion and Homelife!

Very excited!

Blessings –


BK Sound Off and Salute – “Stay At Home Mom”


Photo By Rommy Coleman Photography

The day I found out I was pregnant – I was on my way to work and felt dizzy on the Metro North (Westchester NY) Platform into the city. All of a sudden my iced coffee was oddly unappealing which was odd for a hot July day. The fellas in the deli had my cup ready to go that morning as usual and I tipped a lot more than normal. Perhaps I subconsciously knew it would be the last time I would ever go into that deli by the station.

I remember sitting on the bench trying to grip my consiousness and the train blew into the station. The sweatbeads that were starting to pour were fanned by the passing cars and in my mind I heard, “Beth, are you really going to miss this train? If you can just get onto the train and into any seat, the AC will help.” Just as I heard the sigh of the train I threw myself into the open car doors and into a seat. I was right about the AC, and I gathered my composure. As I thought about what had just happened, deep in my heart I knew. On the way into Sony, I rounded Madison Avenue and scooped a pregnancy test from Duane Reade. As the major supportive vein to my department, I prided myself on being about 45 minutes early each day. We had a private showroom for Sony VIP’s that I would set up each day. I’d get the coffee going, and make sure the place was a nice environment for our team and our visitors to come into. This morning I took that test, only to find 2 blue strips. Game Changer.

I had my own very modest apartment and my radical job as a Sales and Marketing Coordinator for the VIP group at Sony Corporate. It was a stellar environment to work in. I felt part of something major and sleek every day. The beat of technology design and entertainment. I dressed every bit of the part in trendy corporate attire. At night I went to school for jewelry design at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  This meant every day the mile I walked to the train and the 15 blocks to Sony I carried tool boxes and portfolios and I carried them home after school around 11:30 pm when my train would finally get in from the city at the end of the night. I thought I was busy then. The commute alone is something that some people just couldn’t dream to do. The walking, the waiting, the carrying. It was hard, but it was what I chose and I was doing it alone, but doing it, damnit.

My husband and I fell madly in love after our first date. We dreamed of having children together and here it was coming true! When I told him that day, he was wildly happy and we knew without real question in a few months there was not a real possibility that I could maintain employment in the city, a home at the jersey shore, with child and my apartment and school life.

It just didn’t occur to me that by choosing to do one of THE MOST IMPORTANT jobs there is to do, be a mother – would literally strip me of every last accolade of my career or life thus far – to MANY people especially, the Mouths.  The mouths are the people who get into your head with the things they say, the people who just can’t HELP themselves from offering their opinion. I wholly admit to being one of these people! There is a reason I have a consulting business – because I am very opinionated. Sometimes it’s just too far and off base. Tact is just one of those things I’m not sure people are aware of fully in terms of themselves. We mean well, most of the time. Intentions are truly what we should go on when we decide to allow ourselves to be hurt over something but in the heat of anything those aren’t so clear.

When people ask what I do, I say “Stay at Home Mom” first. The reaction is priceless.

Now my FIRST job is to be an at home mom and a housewife.

I am NOT ashamed by this but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt that people assume I need more than what I do.

I went to school to be a designer – so I design. ALL the time. So much more than I ever did with a dayjob. Yes it’s tighter, much much tighter on 1 steady income. But not working means, I don’t need to have a full blast wardrobe anymore nor, nor a heck of a lot of anything, I am surely not eating out all the time or picking up people bar tabs like I used to. Do you know how much I loved doing that?

Now I’m lucky to have a drink bought for me and I sneak airplane booze into concerts in my boots. Yeah, I said it!

I’ve made HUGE sacrifices damnit to be home with my kid. What you choose is YOUR CHOICE and my husband and I knew this would was for us. Never, not once has he ever made me feel like what I do with my job as a mom, wife or business woman is not enough.

Why isn’t it enough for the rest of the world?

Why do people have to constantly suggest what I should be doing instead of doing exactly what I am doing?

Why do people try to scare me into thinking that my career experience and also education thus far is some how all invalidated like the grand ol’ magna doodle eraser, just because I am a mom? Poof, Vanished!

Do you know I can use a daggone blow torch on gold?

Do you know that Tony Bennet and I hosted a photo exhibit for Sony together at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in NYC?

So what I traded in the blue pinstriped suit for yoga pants. Is it not a completely life expanding experience to become a mom?

Why is it completely diminished by so many people in this day and age?

I truly do not get it and have growing fears of my workplace re-entry because of this stigma that comes along with having a child.

Towards the end of my pregnancy I had an anxiety attack in the OB’s office. I was still working and commuting. The bus and train to the shore was a 2 hour trip and it seemed to just get to me that day. The doc started to rant about how I reminded him of his daughter. She had this wild career and was seeking her education, then she got pregnant and tried to keep it all up and couldn’t. Inevitably, something has to give somewhere or something suffers and mostly, it’s the family.

It makes sense to me now – something somewhere does give. Getting used to NOT getting that paycheck every other week with my name printed all perfect up there with all my “vacation hours” next to it. Vacation Hours!! Now that’s a concept!

You can always work – the jobs, the jobs are freaking there. A child is a baby for a breath, and a kid for a shot longer. I can’t believe 3 years have gone by since I’ve had a boss that wasn’t a client.   I STILL know how to do all of the things I used to do, I swear! Also I’m pretty sure would be better at my old job than I ever was back then and I was good. 😉 Certainly now I am much more patient, understanding and nurturing, also lets not forget a mom’s ability to “multitask”.

So I dedicate this rant to the people who “at home mom bash”, who make us feel like we’ve handed the keys over to our smarts, our careers and our family’s “livlihood” because we chose to care for our kids for ourselves. No this isn’t a dig at the moms who went back to work – I SALUTE YOU. Your job is hard as heck. To the AT HOME MOMS, who feel these words – I SALUTE YOU TOO. You rock. You don’t get breaks, commutes, alone time, to crap solo, to take 1 demand at a time, to wipe just your own tush, to eat out or cook just for you, to step over the mess, or to take shortcuts.

Work comes my way, I pump away on the ol digital airwaves like I’m doing now and every inch of my professional experience aides my job with my personal business. I’m a MOMPRENEUR, second to being a mom. It’s a real job, without steady pay. So, hey, buy me a drink. I’ll get you back, someday – it could come in the form of a PBJ, though.