☺️ *Sniff Sniff* My little dude buried his two goldfish Batman and Robin in the yard this summer. The yard has a few of our animal friends laying at rest. Being the emotional type of child, he’s been sad over the loss and over the loss of our cat Bob still even from a few years ago (we all are really still). So I decided the animals needed headstones. I’m super grateful for @elle.sendingoutlove for giving my little one that gift. He was so excited to receive something in the mail and he yelped in emotion when he realized what they were. Daddy was super touched also to see some of his old Lizard pals in there. Thanks Elle! Kind of priceless ! ??❤️ #animalsarefamily #rainbowbridge *also wanted to thank everyone who entered the trick or treat bash last night- I love your responses!!! It’s Still open so give it a go if you want!


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