✨Auction✨ 1″ Orgone Pyramid featuring Garnet, Quartz, Hematite, Lapis, Peridot, Pyrite, Copper, Aluminum, Gold Foil & Stainless Steel. Bidding opens at ✨$1.00✨ and goes in whole dollar increments. To Bid ?️Comment with your bid and tag who you’ve outbid. Winner pays $6 insured USA shipping and rated by weight and zip for international winners. Ends tonight with my other auction at 9pm est / (also yesterday’s give back posts end at 10pm est! ) Good Luck!!!! ✨❤️?Bid Below! ⚡️Side note I have these foraged blackberry cane / or red cedar and Tibet Quartz wands if you want one etsy message me special for $8.00 each ??✨?⚡️)Etsy link in bio!!! Xoxo #auction #crystals #crystalinfused #orgone #healingcrystals


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