✨doing a festival as a vendor is quite an experience – it’s not for everyone nor the unkind or faint of heart… there’s a lot of bright moments and some stuff you don’t really want to see. That’s life though. I started my business as a means to travel forever ago – Off the books and on the road – show to show – soaking in the music and creating my art as the means to go experience art. Now in my not so youth – peddling wares in a lot just didn’t suit anymore. I run a real business here and there are also bright moments, and things you don’t wanna see 😘 but at the end of the very long, never ending – intertwined road of days – you lived, you saw, you tasted and never looked back and wished you hadn’t. 🌊 Kindness matters, assholes are necessary, community is key and loyalty is everything ❤️ sending love to you and your loved ones. Labor Day kind of has a radical meaning to me at this moment. Thank you #soupergroove for having me and my crew!! Now to soak my feet on the deck with a #bethkaya bath hops bath bomb 😎🌿💖 @autumnsunoriginals @sofa_ghost @jangaladesigns @katatronic @dolla_jill 🌅love you💋


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