✨Edit: Had to delete/block a TROLL from this video’s comments – if you don’t believe in what I’m doing here fine, mind your manners plenty of others get it there is No need to belittle me and put me down! Wow! Thank you for the kind comments otherwise?. Original Post ✨A few people asked how is it that I would have the time to continually cleanse the spaces and mappings around the crystals coming and going. Well – it’s a happy chore to cleanse them! All rocks entering your home should go through a multi step elemental cleansing process to start. Take away any of the metaphysical meanings and think about it on an ionic level – water, smudge (smoke), sound, sun, moon, dirt – all have ionic properties that are going to exchange with your crystals on an electrical level!! So the answer is once they go through that process it’s just upkeep. Make sure they are free of dust and this singing bowl is one way to “tune” a lot of crystals at once :) #singingbowl #workingwithcrystals #crystalhealing #crystals #minerals #cleansing


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