✨Good Morning!✨ Reporting from the soccer field- first day of soccer! #soccermomstatus Here is your regular Saturday #auction . These auctions are the best way to get a bundle of Bethkaya goodies for less! Today’s bundle includes: ✨3 French Clay And Rose Olive Facial Soaps ✨2 Packs of Incense – Bergamot and Sandalwood ✨1 imported premixed #henna cone ✨1 .8ml sprayer of #FAITHFULGRACE perfume spray (unisex fresh scent) ✨ 1 Vial of Sacred Salt Bath Soak with Pink, Lava, Dead Sea Salts and Lavender / Rose Petals ✨ 1 Selenite Stick ✨ 1 Raw Amethyst ✨ 1 Raw Rose Quartz ✨ 1 Raw Golden Calcite ✨ 1 Raw Labradorite ✨ 1 Tibetan Quartz Point ✨ 1 Raw Fluorite


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