✨Good Saturday Morning To You✨ Two regular auctions today. This bundle came right off my personal altar last night. They are all stones that spoke to me over the years and ended up in my custody. 🌚Last night many of us set some new intentions under the blue moon. Thank you all for your beautiful lifting words on my last photo to one another and me. 🌠Please feel free to add a blessing to the list and give yourself that gift as well as a chance to win the bundle pictured. 🌌My intention I set for myself is – To Let Go Of the Past, To Abolish Poison that Hurts Me and Commit To Stopping Drama & Misunderstandings in Its Tracks with My Frequency and Simply Letting It Go. Others truths are not my truths and that is ok. So in the spirit of letting go I have selected these crystals from my own collection to aide that journey for myself and for you. This bundle contains: ✨ 1 Double Layered Surfside #Soap ✨ 1 #Orgonite Talisman with Mica Flake, #Selenite, Quartz, Emerald and More ✨ 1 #Agate Chunk Slice ✨ 1 Sunstone Worry Stone ✨ 1 #Fibonacci Shell from my beach ✨ 2 Naturally Colored polished agate slices ✨ 1 Large Tibetan #Quartz Point ✨ 1 Large Raw Green #Opal ✨ 1 Polished Tigers Eye Heart ✨ 1 Raw #Emerald Chunk in matrix ✨ 1 #Lepidolite Mica Plate ✨ 1 #Apophyllite Point ✨ 1 Polished #Kyanite ✨ 1 Fluorite #Tetra ✨ 1 Large #Septarian Chunk 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 Photographed on #thedoors #vinyl #weirdscenesinsidethegoldmind because that’s kind of the climate of the heart. Who wants to take custody of these babes? Retail price is about $95 and bidding opens at $22.00🌊 ⚡️To Bid⚡️ ️Comment With Your Bid ️Tag Who You Are Outbidding Whole Dollar Increments Please Winner pays $6.00 s/h USA and rated by zip for international bidders. Ends Sunday 9PM EST – Intention setting giveaway closes also at that time (one photo back). Good Luck! #berhkaya auctions #parcel #crystals #crystalinfused #letitgo


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