✨Good Saturday Morning to you! ✨Hope you are refreshed and warm. Today’s regular Saturday auction is about wrathful transformation, cutting away overgrowth, simplifying mental space and clearing consciousness. These auctions are a neat way to get an intentionally bundled set from BethKaya for less and at the hand of a little sport. 💫 This mornings bundle includes: 🌿1 Box of white #sage incense sticks 🌿1 Unreleased Canister of New #Moon soap slices with activated charcoal,moonstone and #tulsi 🌿1 Canister of Sacred #Smudge Loose Burning Blend with dragons blood, copal, myrrh, flowers and more. (Free charcoal included) 🌿1 Polished Large #Pyrite #Druzy 🌿1 Large rough #Sodalite chunk 🌿1 #Orgonite Crystal with Quartz, Pyrite, Iodized Aluminum, Peridot and More 🌿1 Sacred Tulsi Honey Soap with Several #Gemstones inside This bundle has stellar energy ⚡️and retails for about $85. 💎Bidding Opens At $23 goes in whole dollar increments.. To Bid – 🌊Comment with Your Bid 🌊Tag Who You Are Out Bidding Winner Pays $6 dollars S/H USA and Rated By Zip for International Winners. Auction Ends Sunday at 9pm EST! GOOD LUCK! #parcel #spa #soap #crystals #minerals #intention #crystalinfused #bethkayaauctions #skincare #holistic #gemstones #auction


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