✨Good Saturday Morning to you! ✨It’s time to glow! ☺️ These regular auctions have been going on for almost 2 years now every single Saturday! Not one missed! Thank you so much for making these a success ! ?⚡️Auctions rock – especially curated on your own terms but please, don’t cut and paste my words here. Be your own light! Words are free as a bell! ;)? OK!? This is a brightening and spiritually lifting set! Everything paired here has the intent to rejuvenate and elevate your senses and awareness. ?These sets are a great way to get intentionally bundled goods from BethKaya for less! ⭐️ Today’s Bundle Includes: ?1 – 6oz Tub of AURA #Detox Soaking Bath Crystals ?1 – 2.5oz Slice of #Vegan Cold Press #Soap – Fresh Oranges ?1 – 1/3oz Vial of LUCIDGRACE signature gem and botanical fragrance with Moonstone and Cornflower – Clean, Crisp, Slightly Powdery, Very Light and Fresh version of faithful grace, lighter, purer ?1 – Box of Hem FIRE Incense ?2 – Vials of Mixed Shipwreck #Crystals and #Gems undrilled ?1 – 1/3oz Vial of FOREVER signature #gem and botanical #fragrance with Turquoise & Silver Leaf – Midtone, Citrusy, Unisex, Warm ?1 – #Orgone Cube with Brass, Blue Lace Agate , #Quartz and More can be a small crystal ball holder ?1 – Large Polished Yellow Calcite Heart ?1 – Green Aventurine and Milky Quartz #Orgone Wand Cast ?3 – Tumbled Citrines ?4 – Fluorite #Tetrahedrons ?GREAT bundle here gonna ride at a steal! Bundle Valued at $165. Bidding Opens at $26 (The cost of 1 perfume!) and goes in whole dollar Increments. ?TO BiD: -Comment with your bid -tag who you are outbidding ?Winner Pays $6 Shipping and Handling USA and rated for weight and zipcode for international winners. ? Bidding ends at 9pm EST tomorrow Sunday. #goodluck #bethkayaauctions #parcel #auction #intention #abide


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