✨I was tagged by @mal_wingostarrjewelry yesterday to share what I am working on✨ I spend more time creating the labels that talk about my products and hygienically sealing my products then I do actually making them. There’s no big tree corporation – there’s just me. Every dollar spent on one of my items goes right into these labels, the quality of what’s inside and my sleepless nights creating beautiful things that take care of your spirit ✨ Thank you for the tag! Tagging these lovlies for you to check out and show me what your working with! @capsociety @sofa_ghost @thedominokid @autumnsunoriginals @elspethmclean @seedessentials @brightcanyonjewelry @twilightdance @lovelytwistedjewelry 🌌✌️⚡️✨🌻🌸🙏 #skincare #bybethkaya #packaging #onemanband


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