✨Lil #shop headsup✨ just wanna let yall know shipping is gonna take a few extra days on some orders due to volume and the festival (SOUPERGROOVE👉⚡️) coming up. I am gonna be clearing some things out of the shop (Gonna have a few auctions on Sat too!) 🌊 Use Code : AWAKENINGS15 ⚡️ for %15 percent off your order (not valid for auctions) till 8/31. Also I’ll be closing my etsy for a few days over Labor Day weekend to release the old and usher in the new. 🌌🌕 thank you for your awesome comments – enter the grateful giveback in the last photo if you want! 🌙 photo by @mal_wingostarrjewelry displays by @jdrewsilvers 🌍 #crystalinfused #fragrance #bybethkaya #intention #gemstones #minerals #orgonite #mineralmakeup #perfume #reclaimedwoodwork


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