✨oh babs✨ 😍I did a mini shop update before I drop off for a few days to do this fest – added some of the butterfly wing necklaces and these long orgone wand necklaces – just a taste till after the fest. Please be patient with me on messages and shipping – 👌also don’t forget to enter my #bethkaya15k giveaway. That should end in just a week or two so look up the photo under that hashtag – ✨Share it ✨tag it and obvi follow 💎😘me to get a crack at that priceless parcel of 43 #gems! My #etsy link is in my bio 🌞 Wuddup to all my new followers lately! 👋Say helllo so i can follow back!! Don’t be strangers! 😘🌌🔮💋🌊🌿🔮#orgonite⚡️🌌🙏#visionaryart #gemstones #minerals #energyart #prana #crystalinfused #bybethkaya


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