✨Sunday✨ 🙏✨ Some things going home to be loved. Bringing back the little note journals for a limited time. I have a reward program for my customers. The more you spend, the more I give. When I worked for Sony VIP, we worked with a lot of influencers, entertainers and affluent society members. We gave them a lot of free things. Event tickets, parties, experiences, CDs, Posters etc and it didn’t matter what it was. I noticed that even wealthy people want to get more for their money. I took so many lessons away from my Corporate marketing experiences and that was one of them. Everyone loves surprises and financial fulfillment. So that’s something I adopted for my company. I want every person to feel like a VIP and worthy of that treatment. Every person who shops my label should feel like they got more then they set out to in unexpected ways every time they shop. I hope this is translated, I think it is because I see your loyalty. When I say I Love You – I mean it. Orders over $50 this week will get a little jotter, because I think an idea should never go to waste. ✨ #thoughts #manifesto #bethkaya #vitalityspray #mermaidhair #orgone #smudge *Don’t forget about my auction that ends tonight, beautiful lot a few photos back AND my book sale on @freespiritlovethrift !!! ❤️ Have an awesome Sunday. 💎💖💋 Also enter my little lyric fun giveaway a few photos back! Ends tonight! No strings! ☺️💘


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