❤️ lots of special things going home to be loved and love ❤️ Some customs for intention and sacred sensory evocation and signature gem and botanical infused roll on fragrances™ #bybethkaya also a few recent #orgonite wand castings with deminted USA money @lovelyleslee sent me! Thank you so much to the amazing people I’ve connected here who have donated to my work. Yeah you! Too many to tag now! Clients and friends – you’ve sent flowers, metals, scrap, broken dishes and glasses – things you’ve loved or know aren’t ready for the trash and you knew I wouldn’t see it wasted. Thank you. You keep my costs reasonable and save waste by making art. This isn’t a hobby – this is my job, like for real. I appreciate you. 💖💋 I’m reading some tarot this afternoon for some private bookings. I may open up to the public for a few 3 card triad readings depending on how clear things feel with these private reads. Hope you all are ok today. Heavy planetary action out there! 🔮


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