🌙Next on the block, ⚡️for the fella, ladies with the fellas, fellas fellas and baby’s fellas ;) 😂⭐️ 👊Masculine tones, energies, and notes in this bundle. 🌌As always, these auctions are a great way to get an intentionally paired bundle of BethKaya goods for less and at the hands of some sport. 🌊This bundle is wrathful, transformative 🌋yet grounding, 🌏stable and deep 🌐with and strong tone. Auction #5 Contains: 1 – 5 oz special edition bottle of WAVES by BethKaya infused with red sandalwood and lapis – WAVES is nautical, clean, aquatic and very soft, sexy yet impactful. 1 – 1 .8ml Glass Sprayer of TEAK & DRAGONS BLOOD Body Spray with Sapphire 1 – .8ml Glass Sprayer of STRONG MEDICINE Body Spray also with Thai Sapphire (Leathery & Amber Tones) 1 – Palo Santo #Smudge Stick 1 – Orgone Rectangle Talisman with Mixed Gems – Green Opal, Tourmaline, Quartz, Apatite, Aluminum, Brass and More 1 – Large Beautiful Raw #Baltic Black #Amber Chunk 1 – Raw Azurite Chunk 1 – Large Polished #Carnelian #Palmstone 1 – 4.2oz Container of AURA #bathsoak with pink salt, #coconut milk, olive complex, colloidal oatmeal and more 1 – Ocos Geode Druzy Half 1 – Raw Botswana #Agate Chunk 1 – Septarian Chunk Rough 1 – FOREVER Scented #ActivatedCharcoal Face and Body #Soap 🍂Hunky Bundle of come hither coming to you valued at over $160!!+. 🍄Bidding opens at $27 and goes in whole dollar increments.🐉 ⚡️To Bid:⚡️ Comment With Your Bid Tag Who You Are Outbidding Winner pays $6 S/H USA and rated by weight for International Winners. Auction Closes Sunday 9pm EST. Good Luck! #parcel #bethkayaauctions #crystals #minerals #candles #crystalinfused #auction #intention #vibratehigher #bethkayaauctions #love #art #masculine #cologne #menstyle #spirit


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