🌿Good September Saturday to You!⚡️ 🔮This is a very special auction today – for a few reasons. 1.) It’s my birthday 2.) I’d like to raise awareness for something that is affecting millions of people in a silent way – #Lupus. 🌊A dear friend passed away unexpectedly from complications due to this illness. 😥The proceeds of this auction will be donated to their personal fundraiser during this incredibly and surprisingly difficult time. This auction is photographed in front of my Heather plant, as that was her name. <3 Rest in Peace Sweet Heat <3🙏 💎Today's bundle includes: 1 – BethKaya & @thedominokid – Mandala Uno Sticker – the first in the series! 1 – Canister of New Moon Soap Slices, Activated Charcoal & Orange Peel Tulsi Soap with Tumbled Moonstones inside the jar. 1 – Box of Nag Champa #Incense Cones 1 – Palo Santo Smudge Stick 1 – Aventurine and Carnelian #Orgone Cast with Quartz and Aluminum 1 – Large Polished Tibetan Quartz Point 6 – #Fluorite #Tetrahedrons 1 – #Buddha Candle 1 – Dram of CLEOPATRA oil with Amethyst, Moonstone and Hibiscus 1 – 8ml Sprayer of TRUTH perfume (My fav right now) 1 – #Zeolite Specimen 1 – TUT Orgone with Onyx, Mica Flake, Brass and Quartz 🌌Awesome bundle with the purest of hearts behind it and in front of it. This bundle retails for OVER $150.00. Bidding Opens at $26 and goes in whole dollar increments.🌌 To Bid: 🔮Comment with Your Bid 🔮Tag who You are Outbidding ✨Winner Pays $6 Shipping and Handling USA (Priority with Tracking and Insurance) and rated by weight for International winners. Bidding Ends 9PM EST Tomorrow, Sunday.🌌 ❤️Thank you very much, please keep comments to just bids. I appreciate your condolences and kind words always. 🌸 #auction #heather #crystals #mandala #crystalinfused #bethkayaauctions #parcel #minerals #metaphysical #alternativehealing #holistic #handmade #healing #energyart #bybethkaya Good Luck!


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