?Fall means no more Orgonite making for me usually – I have casted enough this summer to release them slowly but I had loaded molds waiting for an “Indian Summer” day. It was yesterday. These pieces reminded me of this beautiful handbag from @addictedtohappyonline featuring turquoise, strawberry tourmaline, flourite, amazontie and more. I’m gonna give this clutch away along with the hat from my selfie yesterday a.m. as well and more in a wellness related collab. ✨I’ve had to scale back on a lot of projects / commitments to keep my health goals in tact and in the front of my mind all the time. It’s just what’s really important to me right now. I started a new account @butterflywellnessbeth – if you wish to check out what I’m sharing on that front. Health and Family first – all of my products promote that so I need to be embodying that for my own wellness and overall health. Balance is tough sometimes. How do you strike the balance in your life?


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