?Good Autumn’s Chilly Morning to You! ? Here is your regularly scheduled Saturday #BethKaya auction. ✨Today I want to reflect for just a second. It was a hard week – the cosmos put some tension into play for you didn’t it? ?Well now we can all take a big deep breath – release – ?release those fears and stressors. This bundle is about release and applying lessons ?Relaxation and Intuition – Third Eye balance and Throat Activation. ⚡️ This bundle includes: ?1 – SURFSIDE – Signature Gem and Botanical #Fragrance with Blue Lace Agate, #Moonstone, Orange Quartz & Cornflower – Unisex Scent – Coppery, Coconutty, Beachy, makes you want to wear white and drink champange in the surf. I chose this because I am wearing it lately – and love to go back to the summer evenings every time. ?1 – Polished Turquoise Puffy Heart ?3 – Home Tumbled Quartz Stones ?1 – Large Citrine (of the heated Amethyst Variety) ?1 – Ginger Lime Lotion Stick ?1 – Rosemary & Lavender Shampoo VEGAN Bar (Great for beards too) ?1 – Palo Santo Smudge Stick ?1 – Signature Orgone Gem Point, Unmounted, with Peridot, Lapis, Blue Lace Agate, Nephrite, Hematite, Quartz & Aluminum ?Such a great intentionally paired bundle for you from my heart. This bundle retails around $75+. Bidding will open at $19 and go in whole dollar increments! ?To Bid: Comment with Your Bid Tag Who You Are OutBidding Winner pays $6 USA Shipping and Handling and is rated by weight and zip for International winners. Auction Closes at 9PM EST Tomorrow (Sunday) Thank you so much to everyone who supports these and most importantly of all those who Keep It Real with me! Enjoy Your Day and Many Blessings and Lunar Vibes! #goodluck #bethkayaauctions #parcel #skincare #holistic #vegan #allnatural #crystals #minerals #smudge #orgone #orgonite #crystalinfused


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