?Good Saturday Morning to you! ?This is your regular Saturday Auction! The season shift is in full swing. The air is crisp, sweaters are sneaking out. Plants are winding down their reign and transforming into the very things that will make them come back – Seeds. ?We’ve planted all summer – and fall is a time to regenerate and wind down. ?Today’s intentionally paired bundle is intended for just that. Warming and Coooling Energy together – the creation of inspiration, and hibernation. ?These auctions are a fun way to grab an intentionally bundled gift set from #BethKaya, at the hands of some sport and for a killer deal! ✨Today’s Bundle Includes: ✨ 1 – (Multi Strand) Traditional Ayurvedic Incense Rope From Bhutan – Ancient Mixture of Healing Herbs Blessed and Braided by Monks – Releases sacred medicine when burned – smells very strong. 1 – Lavender and Sweet Orange Guayusa & Hops Bath Bomb Truffle 3 – 1.5 oz Slices of Cold Pressed Vegan Soap – Warm Orange and Patchouli, Honey and Almond & Hemp, Tea Tree 1 – Intentional Vial From BethKaya – Mixture of Gems, Herbs and Flowers – Anise, Amethyst, Rose, Rubbed Sage, Cedar, Myrrh, Quartz, Hibiscus and Salt – Intention is WARM ENERGIZING LOVE 1 – Amazonite Polished Puffy Heart Stone 1 – Large Black Amber 1 – Petrified Wood Chunk 1 – Golden Calcite 1 – Yellow Calcite 1 – White Citrine Point, Large 1 – Pyrite Druzy Chunk 1 – Orange Calcite Chunk, Large 1 – Small Topaz 2 – Tumbled Banded Botswana Agates 3 – Graduated Fluorite Tetras 1 – Rough Nirvana Quartz 1 – #Orgone Gemstone Cube with Tibetan Quartz, selenite, turquoise , mica and more ✨This incredible soothing set retails for well over $100. Bidding opens at $26 and goes in whole dollar increments. ✨ To Bid: Comment with Your Bid Tag Who You Are Outbidding ?Winner pays $6 S/H (Priority – Insured) USA and rated by weight and zip for international winners. Auction closes tomorrow (Sunday), 9PM EST. ⚡️ Enjoy today, be festive! #GOODLUCK? #bethkayaauctions #parcel #crystals #minerals #skincare #allnatural #essentialoils #intention #consciousness #vibratehigher #liveyourtruth


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