?Good Saturday Morning To You! ? Shout out to my girl @carlatreat On her Birthday! ?Here is your regularly scheduled Saturday Auction! ?A few notes – be sure to check out the #bewellgiveaway a few posts back and also the #chakra Pyramid auction I launched last night. ?There is a close up of this dish too a photo back. I have a ton of these sacred geo symbols and special vintage bowls and plates for my signature grid plates and gift sets to message me up (etsy) if you are hoping for one! ?This is a little potpourri bundle with a few things I intentionally pulled last night after I made the plate. ?This bundle is meant to ease the transition of the seasons, pamper and excite the senses and promote energy and excitement.? This bundle Includes: 1 – #Merkaba Gold Foiled Vintage Weeping Daisy #CrystalGrid Plate 1 – Vial of Miracle Moringa Dead Sea and Mineral Face and Body Buff 1 – Amethyst and mint infused Lip and Body Balm with Sweet Orange Essential Oils 1 – Mini Half Dram of PERK essential oil house blend. Pure Undiluted #EssentialOils for energizing aromatic benefits. 4 – Mini Slices of vegan soaps – Euc/Tea Tree, Patchouli, Island Lemongrass, Cedar/Sage 1 – 1/3OZ vial ofd unisex WHITE MUSK with Garden Blooms and Garnet 1 – #Orgone Gem Point featuring Quartz, Aluminum, Pyrite, Carnelian, Gold Foil, Kyanite, Black Tourmaline and Tibet Quartz 1 – Citrine Point 2 – Raw Crystals – #Amethyst & Rose Quartz (Brazil) *Shipping will be $10.00 USA and rated for international winners ( The plate needs to be secured/insured in a flat rate box) ✨Amazing little happy place valued at over $95.00 – This is also going to be the new BUY IT NOW option . You can end the bidding outright at that max bid of $95.. Bidding OPENS at $19.00 and goes in whole dollar increments.? ⚡️To BID – Comment with your bid / Tag who you are outbidding! All auctions end Sunday 9pm EST. ⚡️Thank you all for supporting these bundles, I really love doing them. Enjoy your weekend and set some space up for yourself, don’t forget it. XO? #parcel #crystals #minerals #bathandbody #bybethkaya #bethkayaauctions


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