?Good Halloween Saturday to You! ??Here is your regularly scheduled Auction. Today’s set is a “Peace Builder” bundle. This set is intended for rebuilding burned bridges, letting go, forgiveness, mending old wounds and extending olive branches.? These auctions have been a way for me to offer you an intentionally paired set for less with the hands of some sport. Thinking about if I will continue with these, my account is experiencing some issues and I am in a bit of a reflective place. Time tells all things! Today’s Bundle Includes:? ?1 – SURFSIDE – Signature Gemstone and Botanical Perfume – Coconutty, Warm, Salty, Unisex – Brings you to an Indian Summer – Paired with Orange #Quartz, #moonstone and Cornflower. 1/3oz Roll On – 96% Natural ?1 – TRUTH – Essential Oil Spray – #Vetiver, Sandalwood & A Few Secrets 100% Natural ? 1 – Dual Layered Soap of My 2 Best Sellers in Loving Harmony – #FAITHFULGRACE & Sacred #Tulsi Salt Soaps 100% Natural? 1 – Citrus Calendula #VEGAN Cold Press Soap 100% Natural? 1 – .Vial of Unrelease (Just made last night) MORINGA Face and Body Polish – WIth Shea and Dea Sea Salts with an Essential Oil Blend that Touches Tones of Stargazers (and will be released Later as a New Scent This Winter ) .7oz 100% Natural? 1 – Nag Champa Lotion Bar 100% Natural ? 1 – #Orgone Tetra – WIth Amethyst Blue Lace Agate CornFlower Quartz Aluminum and More ? 2 – Tumbled Moonstones ? 2 – Raw Strawberry Tourmalines? 2 – Raw Sapphire Kyanites? ⚡️This set is pretty special and the retail hovers at about $125. I’m going to open the biddng at $29 today. (Perfume costs $26!) To Bid: Comment with Your Bid TAG Who You Are Out Butting Winner Pays 6.50 USA S/H and is Rated by weight and zip for international bidders. Auction closes tomorrow 9 pm EST. Thank you for your continued support! Enjoy your day and #goodluck! #auction #bethkayaauctions #parcel Sent from my iPad


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