🎆Good Saturday Morning To You! 🎆 Here is your regular auction – these auctions are a way to get an intentionally bundled set of BK goodies for less and with some sport. Today’s Bundle Includes: 🌿1 Goatsmilk Mini Soap Flower – Coconut with a Surprise Tumbled Stone Inside 🌿 5 Raw Gems – Tektite, Chalcopyrite, Golden Calcite, Rose Quartz and Green Opal 🌿 1 Large Vial of Communication and Confidence Essences Paired – Lapis, Hibiscus, Myrrh, Pyrite and Frankincense 🌿 1 signature Gemstone and Botanical Roll On™ fragrance in #morrisonhotel (tobacco, Amber, light patchouli and teak – retail best seller) with Jasper and Cedar inside. 🌿 1 Orgone Wand for Abundance Drawing featuring Money, Selenite, Quartz, Mica Flake, Brass and More. ✨✨✨✨ 💫Bidding Opens at $17.00 (Retails for $70.00) and goes in whole dollar increments. 💫 To bid – place your bid below and TAG!!! Who you are out bidding. ✨Serious Bidders Only Please✨ Winner pays $5.85 shipping for USA and $16 Intl. Auction ends tomorrow Sunday 9pm est! #goodluck #crystals #gems #crystalinfused #bethkayaauctions #saturday #intention


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