? Some signature #BethKaya pieces – #orgone Crystal point necklace and gemstone & botanical infused fragrances! Started a new feed that’s focused on my health journey. I hope you’ll support me and I will support you too. @butterflywellnessbeth it’s going to be more personal than my art feed and have more of my wellness practices as an ambassador to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Check out The Butterfly Wellness Project too as a community of you want to be part of a coed fit community on Facebook and be held accountable for your goals. I am more than this label but my work is not separate from my ️Lifestyle. I’m ready to let you in if you’ll let me in too! Thank you for your love and support! 16k follower kickback coming in a few days. Loving you and sending you endless vitality and courage to set goals & smash them. Photo By @rommycoleman


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