🔮Last for this morning, Auction #3 – As always, these auctions are a great way to get an intentionally paired bundle of BethKaya goods for less and at the hands of some sport. Follow @jewelsofbethkaya to see some of the jewelry I sit on and some deals! 💎Auction #3 Contains:💎 1 – 4oz Tin of Crystal Infused All Purpose Healing Salve 1 – Tibet Quartz Infused Sweet Lemon Parade Milk Soap 1 – Sachet of Island Dream Facial and Body Scrub (Last Pack in the Batch!) 1 – Mixed Altar Flower Sachet 1 – Champa Bliss Tibetan Quartz Infused Milk Soap 1 – Gem and Botanical Oil — CLEOPATRA 1 – Orgone Cube – with Aqua Aura Activation and Mixed Gems Also is a Sphere Holder 1 – Vera Cruz Amethyst Point 1 – Raw Amethyst Chunk 1 – Polished Yellow Adventurine Tetra Pyramid 1 – Amethyst Small Specimen 1 – Menthol Calcite Chunk 1 – Lepidolite Plate 1 – Tumbled Amethyst 1 – Raw Labradorite 1 – Quartz Point Big Juicy Bundle Coming to you valued at over $140+. Bidding opens at $24 and goes in whole dollar increments. To Bid: Comment With Your Bid Tag Who You Are Outbidding Winner pays $6 S/H USA and rated by weight for International Winners. Auction Closes Sunday 9pm EST. Good Luck! #parcel #bethkayaauctions #crystals #minerals #candles #crystalinfused #auction #intention #vibratehigher


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