It’s right around the corner! Big exciting things always churning and churning here at BKDC.

I have decided to focus more on the stories around the materials I use. I want you to value them in the ways I do.

Just got some new charms and things in over the last few weeks so stay tuned to the rock inspired charms and titanium fired quartz pieces that will be flowing into my etsy shop.

Also as always – my Garlands and Orbit Rings are hot. Studs are always a staple, but this season the Garlands and Orbit Rings really took off. Incorporating more sacred materials from various sources!

Check out some pics of the materials I’ll be rolling out this spring :


Titanium Fired Quartz Points

Rudraksha, Bohdi Seeds


Unpolished Baltic Amber


Lotus Seeds

More Titanium Quartz in Blue Hues

Red Lava

Siam Rosewood


Lots of focus on more of this coming soon! Stay patient with me!




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