A long time ago along my travels a lovely Hari Krishna lass approached me selling some beaded necklaces, malas and such. I picked a few that spoke to me and one was a Tulsi necklace. She told me it was the most sacred plant in India. I wore it daily till the clasp broke and have it tucked in a special jewelry box for those kind of daily wearers that held a place in time for me. The beautiful woman in Jaipur India who sells me raw ingredients like henna, sent me a sack of organic ground holy “Tulasi” – to which I can tell you now is a basil and has tremendous skin rejuvenating properties apart from it being truly very highly revered In Hinduism. It’s the primary offering for Lakshmi – the goddess of creativity, abundance and beauty. I have been researching ways to use it along with some other traditional ingredients she sent. Here is a honey soap scented with the delicate spicy tulsi basil notes marrying lavender and sweet orange essential oils. Each comes with 3 high quality intentionally paired collectors crystals. Sacred energy to cleanse your most holy temple. 🌿 #crystalinfused #tulsi #tulasi #crystals #crystallove #faceted #bybethkaya


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