Another #orgone Casting of a Construction I learned about in Sacred Geo School – The #metatronscube – its also become pretty vogue, but has intensely awesome implications. Google it up! All that is matter exists inside of a geometrical shape map – this map has the 5 platonic solids within it’s construction. Platonic Solids btw are named for Plato who first theorized them. Our ancestors knew so much – the deep understanding of nature, the sky and our mother earth tuned them into a frequency of enlightenment and understanding. #sacredgeometry is a way to tune back into these ancient wisdoms and use them in practical life applications. The #vesicapices, one of the constructions that make up this construction – is otherwise known as a vendiagram – and has practical problem solving uses you can apply today to your life and business. This piece has #quartz #selenite and gold & copper chain upcycled from jewelry. #bybethkaya


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