#Auction Alert!! Regularly Schedule Saturday Auction in Full Effect! Congrats to the winner from yesterday’s Auction! Let me know if you wish to be tagged in these! Today we have – 1 – Raw Hunk of #Obsidian 1- Raw Green #Opal 1 – Natural Stunning #Lepidolite Mica Plate 1- Raw #Kyanite 1 – Raw #Quartz Hunk 1- Color Enhanced Tumbled #Agate 1 – Beautiful NATURAL Colored Agate Slice – Polished 1 – Raw #Unikite and Lastly – 1 Lime & Warm Vanilla EO Goatsmilk #Soap Sample with a Tumbled Stone Surprise in the Center Bidding starts at $12.00 and goes up in whole dollar increments. To Bid, Enter your Zip Code OR Email Address with your bid and tag the person you are outbidding. You bid will only count if you complete that step. (Winner pays 4.80 domestic shipping, 9 INTL) #goodluck #bidhappy #crystals #parcel #auctionfun #bethkayaauctions


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