Bear with me for being so wordy lately – I am taking on another very large and rewarding project you’ll hear about in a few weeks. What that means for my business is a few things – less custom options and more focus on the small batches, the intentional pairings and what’s in stock is in stock. I’m always open to talk about special kits you hope for so you can forever etsy chat me up for that stuff but evolution is the way of it. This is a vegan soap set in 4 earth mother tones, patchouli, dragons blood, blood orange sage and cedar and Champa flower. This particular pairing comes on a cedar soap dish with a large Polished Tibetan Quartz point. ❤️ This and other special things now live in my etsy / BethKaya (link in bio) – More to come always and forever ?? XOBK


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