Big block of #moringa soap and the amethyst inside ☺️ this is a power packed skin soothing, smoothing and clearing soap restoring vitality and nutrients to skin. I’m selling these in packs of two and this formulation really lasts a nice while! They are live in my #etsy shop! (link in bio) This moringa was grown in Haiti by friends working on infrastructure rehabilitation there. It’s very special holds those resonances for me! This is scented with my Stargazer essential oil blend which is a blend of several skin clearing essential oils that is reminiscent of stargazer lilies. Healing Pink Salt is suspended on top as well for those minerals additionally! #handmade #bathandbody #allnatural #bybethkaya *just a reminder that my Saturday auction closes tonight at 9 and the loop I’m participating in has another day for entry! Take a walk a few photos back for those! I hope you have a great Saturday!! ?


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