Biggest Solo Giveaway! Lots of Free Goodies! Here’s how to Enter to Win!


That pesky groundhog predicted more winter! Lets conjure up spring with intention instead!

My instagram audience has been very lucky this year already! I’ve done 4 collaborative give aways with other artists in an effort to help us all promote each other in good fun. While I wait for my current one to close (#wereallangels) I launched a solo giveaway that is the biggest personal giveaway I’ve ever done. This lot includes handmade things by me and also some of my favorite things. Please enter this contest! When you share my graphics this helps expose my artwork to you friends and loved ones and gives me new opportunities to grow my business! Follow me on Instagram and share this photo with the hashtag “#BringOnSpringBK” and tag me to enter! Good Luck! Details of this Lot Below!!!

FOLLOW @BethKaya On Instagram and Share this Photo With Hashtag #BringOnSpringBK

FOLLOW @BethKaya On Instagram and Share this Photo With Hashtag #BringOnSpringBK

This lot Includes: A Lovely Chakra Prayer Flag, A Pound of Sweater Weather Peanut Brittle Coffee, A Giant Surfs Up #Beachy Scented Soy Candle, A Book On Rocks and Minerals, Love Drawing Tumbled Crystal Set, Back of #Bindis, Wanderers Soap Lavender Patchouli Deodorant Bar, 2 Pack of Burts Bees Chapsticks, Vanilla and Pumpkin, A Bar of My #FaithfulGrace Goatsmilk #Soap, A Packet of My Espresso Body Scrub, A Sprayer of my Amber #Beach Perfume, Sandalwood and Jasmine Gemstone and Botanical Infused#Perfume Oil, #Lavender & Warm Vanilla Gemstone and Botanical Infused Perfume Oil, and lastly and most importantly one of my signature #Orgone Orchid Necklaces Packed with #gems and Cornflowers and hanging on a super long Black Suede Cord. Let’s raise up our vibrations and call to Spring!!! #giveaway #lightworker#crystals #gems #chakra #spa #naturalbeauty #goddess #gifts#love #art #healing #crystalhealing #bethkaya #contest #share#boho #freespirit #GOODLUCK

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