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I’ve decided to take up digital residence and spewings here. Welcome! This is a first attempt at a soapbox, so allow me to get my footing as a writer and sharer of creative things.

When you realize as a child that you’re different and God has given you a special gift to create and inspire – you spend a good hunk of your life, if not all of it, defining your signature. We always question ourselves us artists, but at the end of the day either what you create will either attract or repel an audience. In order to define yourself and make a niche for your special view of the world you have to look back at your body of work, and ask yourself if there are and what are the repeating messages that you’re telling your onlookers about the way you see the world. What are the things that have contributed to your identity as an artist? I can answer this about the BethKaya label with vigor; as it’s taken years to finally realize the markings on my own work.  BethKaya is bright motifs, meditative patterns, jewel and psychedelic tones intertwined with urban and organic trimmings.

I’d like to  mention of some of the artists and talented individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years, without which BethKaya Designs would be a mere concept, a label without a face or identity. With the help of these individuals BethKaya as a label,  now has the platform to become much much bigger.

-Jeremy Gordon is a wonderful photographer and architect. He’s shot several of my styled shoots with absolute technical mastery and the keenest of timing. His photos are responsible for the inspiration behind the BethKaya brand site. A photo that he shot beat 4000 New York City girls and landed me amongst 50 finalists for Donald Trump’s Ms. New York. I chose not to compete but I’m glad to know I could have based on 1 little photo. He helped me come to the identity that is what my work is today through his truthful and slick photography. I’ve been able to convey myself to myself and therefore to my audience.
-Shelli Martinez is a graphic guru and design maven. Since we met in freshmen year of highschool she has been a rock of support and a friend by design. She’s brought the craziest concepts to reality and is currently running her own stationary business. Every design conundrum I’ve ever encountered in the last 10 years she’s bounced her head off of and helped get me past. Don’t think that stationary is her limits either – she’s designed life sized chess boards and floating dining room sets.
-Matthew Mayer is another graphic and design artist. I went to him to design the BethKaya logos because I wanted his masculine rock-meets-fashion style tattoo’d onto the whimsical and nautical vibe that is the foundation to my work, especially in this phase of my life.
Lastly, and not least,
-Mr. Brian Bellanger, web guru and developer who manages my site and plays into all of the crazy business ideas my fiance and I have pitched to him on many a evening. He can convey your ideas via the web and moreover he has so much patience with you and the process of “getting it right”.

Thank you to this dream team for helping dreams come to life.  As a design consultant I’m tackling out of the box design challenges and solving them with creativity. Sometimes it takes a village! I’m constantly moving onto more new territory as an artist and I will forever be grateful to the shepherds guiding me along, and sharing their own visions in an effort to help refine my own.

Onto some ramblings about a larger scale work that I completed recently….

 A beachfront restaurateur  approached me about painting a mural on a 20 X12 foot mirror. I accepted the challenge but immediately wondered if I could handle it. I like to jump around to different crafts. One day I’m designing jewelry, next dying fabric followed by baking and cooking. A big long ended art project is generally hard for me to complete. There are a couple of quilts and peyote stitch pieces that will never see their completion. The other scary factor is that my artwork would then be permanently affixed to a business establishment. My name is signed to it and it will forever represent me as an artist and the business as an icon, scary stuff. What does any artist do at this phase? Take it to the sketch book. The design challenge before me? A surfing burrito. My namesake as an artist would forever immortalized in a hang ten hancho. Stepping over self doubt and with the confidence of my client I designed the mascot of the newest addition to the jz shore local beach mex scene. The client on the other end is expecting you to solve their design challenges for them with confidence. So I designed Brody the surfing burrito and now he proudly dons the walls of Mannasquan’s, “Speed O Burrito” inside of historic “Gee Gee’s Pizza”.  Armed with Brody, and his currently unnamed gnarly crab friend; “Speed O Burrito” now has it’s own identity to call upon in its own infancy.

After being mom to a 1 year old all day, tackling the never dissolving chore list and managing to work out, I’d head to Gee Gee’s. Located on its own beach it has years of beach-going hunger rages under it’s belt. Its a pretty great place to spend your evening downtime especially while doing something you love like painting huge swirly waves.  The mural took about 7, 2-3 hour sessions to complete. I will be back to add more details and definition as I visit the location to offer more creative support to the projects they have going on. The Gee Gee’s staff is readying their beachfront restaurant, arcade and shore store for the hundreds of visitors that will pour through there with their sandy, hungry bellies this summer. A special collection of jewelry and kitch I made just for Gee Gee’s will be available at their shore store  this summer as well. Stop in if you’re local, grab a slice, a burrito and a little something shore special. Tell them BethKaya sent you!

Gee Gee’s 
 189 Beachfront, Manasquan, NJ 08736
 (732) 223-4887

Thanks for checking out my first blog. If you are a creative type and would like to guest blog or have a feature on my blog please get in touch! If you have a design conundrum or are in need of creative services get in touch too! If I can’t tackle it I have a deck full of creative friends ranging from designers, photgraphers, make up artists and even business advisors.

Love, Light and Creative Juice,
aka – Bethany S. Goldstein
Owner and Chief Designer at BethKaya Designs LLC

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