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Indian Summer Market


Don’t forget! Come see us on SUNDAY 9/24 – In Asbury Park at Convention Hall’s grand arcade for the Indian Summer Bizarre! Awesome vendors, music, food and more, it’s one of the last bash’s of the season. You can’t miss this! 20837612_1603566939663192_3711656637795139584_n

Also catch us on the market’s INSTAGRAM on 9/19 – MY BIRTHDAY for a special take-over showing you how we are preparing for the event! Tune in !! Come out! Enjoy! More info at: Asbury Park Bazaar


Summer is Winding Down According to Some

Family Day #mantalokingbeach

Family Day #mantalokingbeach

Not here! We are just heating up! I haven’t blogged in a while – I’ve been trying to focus on the VIP email list content. If you haven’t signed up yet – you can do so below!


So if you follow us on social media you see a lot of changes we are going through as a business. For one I keep saying WE – yes we- I have a dear friend Michelle Russo who is flying copilot right now with BethKaya and the new venture – Self Care Cafe. She’s a beautiful soul, if you’re a friend of BethKaya, you know her by now but I will just formally say she is helping me keep my head above water. Along with several other players, you know who you are, and your time is coming. Thank you to everyone again and again for donating and supporting our self care mission! 

@sister_evolution camping in our store essentially till we can get a valid CO. Oy. #town hall probs @selfcarecafe The store colors and textures // geometry // sea blues // copper // black metal // taupe desks with black metal legs // wooden wall accents by @jdrewsilvers // slate // bamboo ⚜️⚡️ #girlboss #store #underconstruction

Big meeting today - cohorts ;) if you are on the jersey shore and want to catch some poetry Sunday eve DM me!!

We leased a space in Brick NJ and it’s adorable, the issues we are having getting into the space however, not so adorable. That’s an entirely different post and for all things considered, let’s keep the tone happy.


I just did a late season restock on some new soaps, scent sizes, crystal parcels and orgone pieces. As I have money invested into the store front – I simply need your support. Things I’ve been sitting on are going to need to get uploaded and move out! So stay tuned to the etsy shop and keep checking back. It will take time for us to get into the space and we need the online business to have the same level of dedication if not more to be able to keep this dream floating.


We are signed on to vend the Asbury Indian Summer Bazaar on Sunday Sept 24! I will be releasing more info about that in a little while but for now mark your calenders, it’s my birthday weekend btw so you simply can’t miss it! Not to mention tons of amazing vendors in the hottest spot on the jersey shore!


Additionally – the lovely Zoe Wilder has written a beautiful article about us again and it landed in Magnetic Magazine! Check it out here!

Working on a mid season soap restock for you! Check the store tomorrow am!! ⚡️all the seasonal bars I had made sold out so I needed to throw down some newbies!! Also there is only 1!!! Moringa bar left for a bit!!



Also I know it’s late notice but it’s not too late to learn about this exciting spoken word movement called VERBATIM. Tomorrow evening I will be reading some poetry along with some wonderful features and following that will be an open mic. I would love to hear your words too! Here is more info! Please come!



My friends in Georgia all have kids starting school this week. Let’s hold onto what is left.

Sidenote : If you are local and want to come to a little underground spoken word movement we are starting – sign up for info here:

Hey you good lookin! ⚡️

Hey you good lookin! ⚡️

Now That I have spammed you up enough, and I hope you’ve written all that down – I am gonna jet and stay tuned for more info. Thanks for reading!


Curly frizzy hair don't care #phish #madisonsquaregarden /tap for gear tags⚡️

BethKaya Live Event Notice! *Soulsational Music & Wellness Festival*


Heads Up I am going to be vending live, all of the art and holistic things you can dream of in a special installation for the SOULSATIONAL MUSIC AND WELLNESS FESTIVAL 2016!  Click on that for more information about the festival as a whole I am super excited to be part of this movement!

Please stop my mine and all of the stages and booths! Bring your children and the whole family. There will be music and just good vibes all around town!

Flier This

Hope to see you there!


Here is the official festival flier!! I believe I am booth 52 on the map if you want to stake me out 😉 I will be offering Henna Services and some other surprises just for this event. Please come say hi!





I wrapped up the kiosk this weekend at Jersey Shore Premium outlets. What an experience that was. I really enjoy setting up an installation that is unique to each venue I am at and really each day I am there. I take something away and adjust each time.

There were some moments of conversation that I will bring with more forward forever. A friends father visited the booth for a while and he is undergoing stage IV cancer treatments throughout his body. He was just so happy to be around and grateful through the words he shared. He told me how he had to fly to Georgia alone for his treatments. He wasn’t complaining at all I just remarked “That must be so difficult to do the travel on the heals of everything.” He just looked at me and said ” I have held my dying child, this is nothing, I can do anything.” He meant it. He also remarked “Every morning I look up at the sky and say thank you, cancer changes you, it really does.” So above all that conversation comes with me and helps me ground my gratitude practice.

Incredibly beautiful photo of @faerieblessings in her glory rocking a crystal sphere and orgone point ring I sent her way ⚡️ she is magical!

@faerieblessings “crystal sphere and orgone point ring”

I put some new things up in the etsy shop, some essential oil blends, some candles, new scrubs and new edition soaps perfect for the thick of summer. I am really loving where the shop is headed and how it looks.


It’s been such an evolution. I have some new orgone pieces coming trickling into the shop too and would love for you to check it out and tell me what you think!

There is a black crow perched above me as I take this photo and stare into my own shadow against the panes of my humid house. When the black eyed Susan's bloom a part of my heart explodes a little, every year. The crow nods as if he knows why. . . . . . Orgone Rose necklace strung on blue chalcedony rosary. ⚡️

As a side note I am going to do my final installation of the summer at the SOULSATIONAL WELLNESS festival July 30, 2016. It’s a FREE, all day family friendly event with performers, artists, poets, and wellness centric EVERYTHING! I am so excited ! If you are local please come and stop by!

Incredible photo from @theabsolutebeauty

Incredible photo from @theabsolutebeauty

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Love, Beth

Final Installation Weekend at Jersey Shore Premium Outlets!



Join me this weekend at Jersey Shore Premium Outlets Saturday and/or Sunday for my final installation of the summer there! I am so excited, breaking out some new things, and favorites! Can’t wait to see you there!

XO Beth

This weekend! 6/11 & 6/12



Come visit me!!! I would love to see you! Vending again the second weekend in July but that’t no excuse not to come visit this weekend! XOBK


BethKaya Kiosk



Heads up! I have some exciting news! BethKaya was hand selected to represent the NJ etsy community at Jersey Shore Premium Outlets this summer! Isn’t that a hoot? So if you are visiting the Jersey Shore or you are a local, totally come – shop – check out the cool shops andddd my kiosk!

June 11 & 12      and       July     9 & 10    2016

Totally come visit, see my beautiful hand made displays in person by artist

J Drew Silvers  @JDREWSILVERS which between those and my creations, the visual presentation is something both myself and the outlet management folks are totally jazzed about!

Cheers to New Ventures!


Holiday Wishes and Thanks From BethKaya


Sending this #orgone set to a very special person to my heart and spiritual development. Made this special hosting grid for them too. The intention behind this set is Space, Gravity, New Moon, Orbits, Transits, Wrathful Transformation, Nodding Ancestors, Throat, Root and Sacral Chakric Balance. ⚡️ #metaphysical #crystals #crystalinfused #crystalhealing #orgonite #transmutation #allone “Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Heres Tom with the Weather.” -Bill Hicks (on truth reporting re: psychedelics)The holiday rush is almost over. In the New Year I have a lot of plans for my business. Changes in how I sell, efficiency and more attention to my family, self and light practice afoot! I hope you all take time to enjoy what’s so very fleeting and get into the spirit of the season a bit! Thank you all for supporting my business and the various projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on. (The Charity Prom, Lightworker Shopping Event, Wellness Giveaway, Handmade Holiday Vibes Group, The Butterfly Wellness Project and More) . It’s a pleasure to serve the community by sprinkling a little magic around! Happy Holidays from BethKaya Design! Sending you all abundance and the manifestation of your goals! Holiday Wishes and Thanks From BethKaya




Crystal Eyes – Fall things At BethKaya


My crystal stems ☺️?

Rocked out Skullboy’s Punk Rock Flea market yesterday. What a fun event to do. In a serious reflection phase right now heading into winter. A lot happened over the summer, and now the fall is going to slip away soon enough. My work evolves and things fall away, relationships and ideas that sounded so awesome as first go to the back burner. What’s my biggest priority?

What’s yours?

Great day today and just want to send a major shout out to this lady next to me Ms. Geraldine. @zuelanchic what can I say about her - if it wasn't for her no one would see me. I am an anxious recluse, afraid of what the world thinks of me and of my work. There's a lot to misunderstand, and I'm used to it. Just another day of being an alien for Beth. Thank you Ger - for putting up with it and keeping your grace on when I crumble. Thanks for encouraging me and believing in me and dealing with my bullshit. I love you and you are so beautiful. ❤️

Glad to be able to get out and do events. I am naturally inclined to stay home, I think most people are now. Kind of a pity. This is my friend Geraldine, she’s an amazing artist herself .

So onward into winter – new scent notes came in and I am busy mixing those into some potions of the season. Those will emerge soon enough.

To give you a teaser, hues of cannabis flower, olive, fig, cranberry, pipe tobacco, warm sweet orange, stargazer and more.

? fatty mascot ? thanks for having me @skullboybrand @skullboyspunkrockfleamarket ?✨?✨?✨?✨?✨

I hope that you all are enjoying fall and settling into things. Thank you to those of you who came out to support me at all of the events that I have done over the last few months. It means a lot to me. Truly.

Finishing up my annual marigold harvest and having a moment. Marigolds in so many cultures are symbols of the great spirit, offerings of overcoming, resurrection and hardiness. The ability to withstand an entire growing season, multiply and fall away to rebirth again when conditions are ripe and Hades releases Persephone once again into the mortal world. ?My nerves were hitting me for tomorrow's show ⚡️I know it's gonna be great but I do get nerves! ??I got this pouch from @mal_wingostarrjewelry 's Redbubble @redbubble of her #gratitude crystal meditation. It's perfect and such incredible quality. I've gotten a bunch of these pieces from her and the Redbubble community. ??Super rad hub there !! I'm so grateful to be doing what I do so it will be close to me ❤️tomorrow at the Skullboy Punk Rock Flea Market. (Brick NJ 12-5 Google it!) ? ✨Tagging some folks I'm grateful for and weave a wonderful fabric here of #artistry and goodness. Sorry to leave anyone out if I could only shine light all at once! (Then maybe too bright ?) ✨? #Tap & Follow? ? Any Fun weekend plans you wanna share? ???

Harvested the last of the marigolds and felt overwhelmed to be where I am right now. There are so many obstacles in life, and wellness and health is one of those things you cannot compromise on. I am looking forward to spending more time on my health and inspiring the health of others while I continue to make close to earth products. I’m eternally grateful to the fistful of people in the business I can trust and support my successes. As you grow – it’s harder to find people who genuinely support your happiness. When you find those people, treat them well and hold them close.


Please take a minute to view my updated Butterfly Wellness tab – on this site. I added some new details about that project and would love for you to join me on the facebook community I created for it. I need your support and would love to support your own transformation!

Working on a few collaboration promotions with awesome artists and wellness giveaways in the pipeline soon so make sure you are tuned into @BETHKAYA on social media!!

Eternally yours, spiritually driven and hopeful towards healthy,


Love &  Crystals

???so distracted ????

Spirit Activating Love from The Big Island – Natural Skincare Spotlight


Natural Skincare From The Big Island – Holistic Spotlight

A lot of the partnerships and collaborations I choose to do come from a purely synergistic place. For one reason or the next, people are brought into view for me and we connect. Two of those people just recently happened to be based on the Big Island in Hawaii. Ironically – the timing is incredible because it is the anniversary of when something deep in my core was activated on the Big Island. My husband and I hiked a now too dangerous part of Kalapana with an experienced tour crew. The hike was grueling but we witnessed splendor in geomantic forms. Hawaii has a lot of that – the magic of their special soil and offerings to be had from that earth is very inspiring and cosmic.

Plantspiration ☺️ from @omjsk INSTAGRAM

Plantspiration ☺️ from @omjsk INSTAGRAM

I recieved some oils from VETIVER FARMS HAWAII (VFH). What Can I say about the freshness and pure seduction of such incredible earth essences captured so delicately? Plant magic is a delciate art – you have to love this to produce such miracles. Their oils are miracles.

I like to use essential oils on a diffusing bracelet made by my friend Rebbecah at Seed Essentials. She hand carves diffusing ceramic into natural seed like shapes and uses polished mala style gemstones and woods in harmony. I requested this piece to be in all black transformative and grounding stones. It has Jet, Lava, Onyx and Obsidian. Using VFH oils with this bracelet has been a dream for me. Though the oils are diluted in care so you can apply them directly to the body which is nice; I am very sensitive to these types of EO’s so the bracelet is a nice alternative for me vs. skin. Also  I’ve used this bracelet to help my little one get the benefits of these oils. He has a cold as we speak and I’ll drop VFH eucalyptus on the bracelet and ask him to smell it, carefully. He enjoys it and it helps to open up passageways!

The ?universe has a way of telling you that you are on the right path. Today 3 years ago on my birthday I climbed a volcano and touched lava with a stick on the big island in Hawaii. It awakened my spirit in a way nothing else but giving birth had done since. It was a very tough hike and since the tour service has had to close due to dangerous conditions. Today I received this beautiful package from @vetiver_farms_hawaii with three incredible oils I can smell right through each box. I've been wearing this grounding bracelet from @seedessentials with a diffuser bead for a few weeks now and am beyond excited to use them together and in some of our shop yummies! ✨ thank you for such a treat!! Aaaand impeccable timing I must say! ? These Jade Agate polished bangles are the only two I have left in my etsy shop in jade (a few customers have asked) ✨✌️ Spoon ring by @mal_wingostarrjewelry ✨??#saturday #bigisland #essentialoils #thatgoodgood #aromatherapy #vetiverfarmshawaii


I love to blend Vetiver Farm’s Eucalyptus with their Vetiver. It’s really high time that people open up to the powers of the olgfactory process (the reactionary system produced from our sense of scent) ! It is the most direct route to our nervous system. Something about Vetiver has called to me a lot lately. It supports sleep for starters, and has a unisex appeal. I personally resonate with deeper, rounder tones vs. sweet scents. It’s also very grounding, calming, sensual and tunes your root chakric system. Eucalyptus is a powerhouse oil and has those invigorating and awakening properties as well. Together, for me,  it’s a motivator and anxiety buster. The quality of the Vetiver Farms Hawaii’s products is the actual vigor of the island captured in a bottle. Check out their instagram feed to see how neat the process of growing this plant is! @Vetiver_farms_hawaii

Making ✨magic✨ with the help of @vetiver_farms_hawaii ? so in love with the freshness and quality of their oils!!! Just a few drops in this clay milk facial mask to open passages and pores! #skincare #shopsmall #vetiverfarmshawaii #detox #health #fitness #vitality #bybethkaya


I also had the pleasure of mingling with another beautiful herbalist from the big island as well – Shawn from Honest Owl Herbal Apothecary (OHA). She sent me so many incredible things. She captures the gentle vibration of herbs and flowers in moon drenched waters and butters. Incredible. Absolutely. Every inch of these products has love from the notes to the packaging and preperation. I used her Tulsi and Sandalwood Hair Conditioner tonight and truly was just crying about how much my textured hair wants to dread. It’s crispy and needed the clarifying lift this gentle aromatic product lended.  This spray soothed it, softened it and didn’t leave it oily like other products on the market! I’ve taken her flower essences in times of anxiety along with my essential oils from VFH and can delightfully and honestly say – both are aiding me right now.

Headed to my marketing job this am - woke up with intense anxiety. Had to take a breather and also a minute with these wonderful flower essences and Hawaiian orchid necklace from @honestowlherbal . Wow - the energy I received from her package took me back. I'm so grateful for this rescue this am - goodbye anxiety - hello world! Also I have this eclipse piece on by @emmyeffdesigns grateful for the flowers still blooming. Never stop blooming! Have a good Friday my friends!


The “innercalm” balm from HOA – is such a dream too. I put it ALL over me tonight after the shower. It feels so emollient like a hug. The scent is calming and warm, there is surely some ancient magic inside of this balm. Incredible. I put some on my feet and then some socks over top and it was like a miracle going on in there. So awesome! Thank you both!




?Good Autumn's Chilly Morning to You! ? Here is your regularly scheduled Saturday #BethKaya auction. ✨Today I want to reflect for just a second. It was a hard week - the cosmos put some tension into play for you didn't it? ?Well now we can all take a big deep breath - release - ?release those fears and stressors. This bundle is about release and applying lessons ?Relaxation and Intuition - Third Eye balance and Throat Activation. ⚡️ This bundle includes: ?1 - SURFSIDE - Signature Gem and Botanical #Fragrance with Blue Lace Agate, #Moonstone, Orange Quartz & Cornflower - Unisex Scent - Coppery, Coconutty, Beachy, makes you want to wear white and drink champange in the surf. I chose this because I am wearing it lately - and love to go back to the summer evenings every time. ?1 - Polished Turquoise Puffy Heart ?3 - Home Tumbled Quartz Stones ?1 - Large Citrine (of the heated Amethyst Variety) ?1 - Ginger Lime Lotion Stick ?1 - Rosemary & Lavender Shampoo VEGAN Bar (Great for beards too) ?1 - Palo Santo Smudge Stick ?1 - Signature Orgone Gem Point, Unmounted, with Peridot, Lapis, Blue Lace Agate, Nephrite, Hematite, Quartz & Aluminum ?Such a great intentionally paired bundle for you from my heart. This bundle retails around $75+. Bidding will open at $19 and go in whole dollar increments! ?To Bid: Comment with Your Bid Tag Who You Are OutBidding Winner pays $6 USA Shipping and Handling and is rated by weight and zip for International winners. Auction Closes at 9PM EST Tomorrow (Sunday) Thank you so much to everyone who supports these and most importantly of all those who Keep It Real with me! Enjoy Your Day and Many Blessings and Lunar Vibes! #goodluck #bethkayaauctions #parcel #skincare #holistic #vegan #allnatural #crystals #minerals #smudge #orgone #orgonite #crystalinfused

This is a photo of this past Saturday’s bundle auction! I’ve been doing these for almost 2 years now. So much fun and now there’s such an awesome bidding crew!!! Isn’t this lot an autumnal beauty? Tune into my instagram feed @BETHKAYA for more reviews and my regular Saturday am auctions, a few surprise auctions and some fun giveaway collabs in the next few weeks. Stay light and look for me at the BRICK NJ PUNK ROCK FLEA MARKET 10/24!  12-4 (Facebook – SkullBoysPunkRockFleaMarket)

Keep an eye out for these guys on social media and their products peppered into my shares!