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New Music, Meredeth Harvey


Hey ya’ll!!!  I’m so excited to join the BethKaya team and work along side some of the most fabulous people ever.When I first signed on I decided that I wanted my mission to be to introduce people to new music I love.  In my search for the next “big thing” I managed to stumble upon Lake Street Dive. Lake Street Dive’s album “Bad Self Portraits” is quickly becoming my new favorite. This eclectic album brings you from bobby socks and poodle skirts into a smoke filled speak easy in a matter of minutes.  I’m kicking myself for not finding them earlier.

It has been a long time since I have come across an album where I not only like all the songs but I immediately fell in love.  The title track and first single, “Bad Self Portraits” instantly has you nodding your head where as  “Just Ask” has soul and harmonies that makes you stop everything and listen.The ups and downs of the song “Seventeen” make you go through the same mood swings every hesitant person feels when meeting a new love interest.  The versatility of the album makes it a quick, easy listen that you are sad to hear end.

 Lake Street Dive is the brain child of trumpet/guitar player Mike Olson.  Their lead singer, Rachel Price has a powerhouse  voice that sounds as if Bonnie Raitt, Etta James, and Amy Winehouse had a love child.  Her voice sets the tone for the entire album with smokey overtones and powerful runs.  I hate to scream girl power (who am I kidding I love it) but upright bassist, Bridget Kearney, holds her own.  By the 3rd track, “Better Than”, you really start to feel the presence of the bass which helps aide in the jazz bar feel this album conveys.  And lets be honest, a female playing the upright is just plain hot.  With drummer Mike Calabrese keeping the beat they make a perfect collaboration that brings you to a  new sense of nostalgia. With pop cultures recent love for the post prohibition era, I see big things coming from this big sounding Quartet.  So make yourself a manhattan, sit back and let Lake Street Dive take you back to when booze was an art form and music came from the soul.

Go to check out local tour dates and learn more about the band


Highlights from New York Fall Fashion Week 2014


“Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe , the practical with the desirable”

-Donna Karan

Even though we are a few seasons ahead the fashion world moves fast and is already thinking about sweaters, holiday dresses, wool skirts and jackets. New York Fall Fashion Week took place in February and designers showed up with their A game, keeping in mind Pantones color palate for Fall, 2014. Just like the Spring the color report is guide or road map to shade and tones we will be seeing this fall in department stores around the country. This is just a small taste of the highlights from fashion week, a preview of designer wear and as we get closer to the fall I will put out a piece on the actual Pantone colors in stores. For now enjoy a sneak peek of whats to come for the Autumn season in color. Enjoy! -Kel

From Karolyn Pho’s fall collection staying in Pantones Bright Colbat Blue color mixed with a bold leather pant

Anna Sui’s 2014 collection in a Cypress Green

From the Ralph Lauren show Mauve Mist

Badgley Mischka in Cognac

A splash of Misted Yellow at Trina Turk

Aurora Red appears at the always fun Betsey Johnson show

and also at the Jenny Packham show

Carolina Herrera dress in a Royal Blue

Sangria showing up at the Tommy Hilfiger show and Zac Posen

Aluminum appears at Diane Von Furstenberg



Mixing Patterns, Men and Women


“I don’t consider my own clothing to be outrageous… The truth is that people just don’t have the same references that I do. To me it’s very beautiful and it’s art, and to them it’s outrageous and crazy” – Lady Gaga

In the past people followed fashion rules or guidelines but like everything, style has evolved and a common trend popping up is the mixture of patterns that would not normally ever been paired in the same outfit. This is a great technique if you are in need of an update to your clothing but do not have the budget to buy a bunch of new pieces. I stick with one rule when mixing and matching, keep the colors alike if you are going to clash the pattern. Keeping the same palate is appealing to the eye and will make your outfit look put together instead of a ‘hot mess’. Here are a few examples for women and men mixing and matching clothing. Enjoy, -Kelly

Stripes and Floral are a common mix, keeping the red in both patterns matching makes this outfit pop.

Another example, the gray in both pants and shirt make this one.

Different patterns of floral with the same pink color.

The black and white color combination is perfect for this spring look. 

Great every figure!

Mixing of different sized polka dots with layering. I think this is the easiest one to try and experiment with.

A scarf is a great way to start mixing patterns. Its a piece that can be used for a pop of color and pattern

I love this look, a touch of dalmatian spot and a bold colorful stripe.

A Perfect work outfit.

With men it’s a subtle mix. This jacket is the perfect way to start for men, a piece that can be removed.

A good reference for trying to mix stripe on stripe for work- shirts and ties.

This look is for the bold dresser, ambitious for any guy.

Staying in classic colors that match work the best.

Love the polka dot shirt and a plaid tie. Good for casual or work.

Camera Products I Love, And Not so Much (Pt.1 of 2)


Hello! My name is Rommy and I will be one of the contributing photographers here at the BKDC blog! I’m excited to be working with such talented people that have great vision and such dedication. Hopefully some of that dedication can rub off on me and get me off my ass!

For my first piece, I would like to discuss some photography related products. I consider myself to be a photo nerd and an electronics geek. But for today, Im going to stick more on the products in photography that I love using, can’t stand using, and things I wish I bought.

First up, we have the A7 camera strap.  These straps are absolutely gorgeous. They are handmade right here in the USA. Since A7’s launch in Brooklyn NY, I’ve watched this company grow. From selling a few straps in their apartment, to being used as an accessory on the runway, they have come a long way. If  you have been hunting around for a strap, or you don’t like the look of the one that your camera came with (typically the brand is all over it ) or you just need a change, consider ordering one of their leather straps. They come in beautiful rich earth tone colors. The designers spent a lot of time doing their research in finding the perfect leather, while still staying true to their main goal: production stays completely in NY and the USA.  I believe that is what sets this company apart from the rest. Their desire to be part of every aspect and their careful attention to detail.
Even if you have a point and shoot, I would recommend ordering a strap. A7 sells thinner straps for smaller cameras. I also plan on ordering one for my six year old son, who recently purchased his very own point and shoot himself! Gotta love following in mom’s footsteps! Honestly, its the durability and strength of each style of their straps that really sold me. So I know once he puts on around his neck, his camera is safe. Plus, he’ll be one fly little dude!

Next up, let’s discuss “the battery grip.”  When I first started my photography business, I saw that all the “pros” had a battery grip on their cameras. So naturally, I did the research about why they purchased this piece, if it was a necessity or more of an accessory, etc.  My husband went ahead and bought one, I’m guessing the sales guy also helped sell him on it. It definitely makes you FEEL like a pro, thats for sure, but its heavy, and bulky and well if we’re being honest…kind of pointless. It’s great if you are going to be out for 8 hours shooting, and you don’t want to deal with the hassle of flicking open a battery compartment and swapping out a battery (which to me, is no hassle at all.)

I will say though, that one neat thing about the battery grip is that it comes with a double A battery tray. What this does, is instead of using the regular camera battery, you can insert the tray that fits six double A batteries, into the grip, and start shooting. In the instance where your camera batteries run out of juice and you need to run outside to the nearest CVS to buy some batteries and run back in to start shooting again, it definitely can be a life saver.

You could have, you know, made sure my batteries were fully charged to begin with. We all know things happen so still, this feature is a nice little insurance to have.

Do I use it during each of my shoots? Nope.

I have my camera in my hands at all times and I rarely use a tripod. Having added weight is not good on the wrists if you  shoot the way I do.  It’s great however to have in my camera bag, along with my battery charger, AND an endless supply of double A’s.

So as you can see, I’m really up in the air about this product – If it was cheaper I would be quicker to urge you to run out and get it.  At over $100 a pop, it really is something that you are going to have to decide for yourself if its worth it or not, but know you don’t HAVE to have it.

Tomorrow I will discuss Part 2, camera bags!

Lyrics That MOVE You Part I


Remember those people in school who were SO dedicated to the yearbook. My how we forget their coordinating, their serious dedication to every little aspect of remembering your fabulous year at school? It’s been a mission to get people on board to write on this site, not for anything other than to diversify a movement I see taking place already. One that’s earnest, laced in culture and spirit.

One of these universal things I think we can ALL submit to, is the power and movement in music. Face it, there is always a song that describes your feelings. EACTLY how you feel. So rather than do a poll on facebook I privately reached out to people. Just people I want to hear from. Honest people who aren’t shoving themselves down anyone’s throat.

Face book is kind of *ducks* taking humanity and connection away from us in real life. There’s something missing now and we all admit it. We are ALL online and there is NO going back. There are times when to pull the plug and there are times to plug the heck in. Crazy things go down in our lives. Every one of us has this amazing depth of knowledge to share and also, where is the real reporting going? Things are ON FIRE in the world today. Cities are BURNING waiting for their revolution! We are the people reporting the REAL news. Social Media is your favorite magazine and newscast all in one space. Let fill it with sharing pieces of our real selves.

REAL SHARING in my most humble of not so humble opinion can change the apathetic, robotic climate we are creating.


So here’s my first piece in a series of “YEARBOOK” style pieces.  These pieces are meant to draw people out, to participate, to have a voice in a choir of voices eager for change, renewal, growth & happiness.  They’re dedicated to other peoples worlds, remarks and mementos to capture the essence of us all, in the gut, right now.





Beth Erxleben – (BethKaya) -> “All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be” – Pink Floyd, Breathe

Brianne Diomede – (Twilight Dance Designs) – > “Tomorrow Never Knows” – The Beatles, Titled

Ken Erxleben – >

“Where the doors are moaning all day long,
Where the stairs are leaning dusk ’till dawn,

Where the windows are breathing in the light,
Where the rooms are a collection of our lives,

This is a place where I don’t feel alone
This is a place that I call my home….
This is a place that I call my home ….


Also,  how about this song’s lyrics…..of which not a person in the world can translate:

YET…..this band is 100% known for it’s ability to evoke really strong emotion.

Also one of the coolest things is that when people comment about a given tune you almost always see 50% people saying they want to cry and 50% saying it’s so inspiring and full of hope.

It’s Neat.

Matthew Mayer –>

“What I have in my heart, I’ll take to my grave” – Hatebreed – “Before Dishonor”

“Don’t you know there ain’t no devil, there’s just God when he’s drunk” – Tom Waits – “Heart Attack And Vine”

Kristen Marie –>

“You should look as good as your outlook, Would you mind if I took some time, to soak up your light, your beautiful light? You’ve got a paradise inside.”

Jason Mraz – The Sunshine Song

Lady Cartelli  – >

 “For tomorrow may rain, so I’ll follow the sun” – The Beatles – “I’ll Follow The Sun”

 Jeremy Gordan ->

“Ah Brooklyn, Brooklyn take me in. Are you aware the shape I’m in? My hands they shake, my head it spins. Ah Brooklyn, Brooklyn take me in.”

Amanda DeSibour Urbina – >

She’s the voice I’d love to hear some day when I’m ninety, she’s that wooden rocking chair I want rocking right beside me” Brad Paisley – She’s Everything

Corinne Casella ->

 “When nothing is owed or deserved or expected And your life doesn’t change by the man that’s elected If you’re loved by someone, you’re never rejected Decide what to be and go be it.” – The Avett Brothers – “Head Full of Doubt Road Full Of Promise”


 Matthew Shallwelaugh ->

Tritonal feat Cristina Soto – lifted (mat zo remix). Love it. Lyrics click with me

Lisa Fogarty –>

“Only The Good Die Young” – Billy Joel – Titled

Stephen Carcamo –>

“You don’t know how glad I am you’re home” – Phylis Hyman – “You just don’t know”

Matt Licari – >

“We are the dollars and cents the pounds and pence the mark and the yen” – Radiohead – “Dollars and Cents”

The head of state has called for my by name but I don’t have time for him

Paul Rivenbark – >

Geraldine Valecillos – >

Original – “See”

“When I close my eyes the world falls through there is one initial truth that history is in our hands, we can choose the path, we are not under contract to continue living in a way that doesn’t allow a free flow of positive energy and true wholesome living. We can change it all but it starts with us. We must be brothers and sisters first and care, do a whole lot of caring. We have the power if only we closed our eyes long enough to start truly seeing.”


Kelly Hecht ->

“I’m the hero of the story don’t need to be saved” -Regina Spektor, Hero

Elizabeth Echeverri ->

“Dream on, little dreamer. The sky belongs to no one.” (Paraphrased) – Above & Beyond – “You Got to Go”

Christopher Howcroft –>

“Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right” – Grateful Dead – “Scarlet Begonias”


Robert Wiles –>

 “My personal religious doctrine”

It’s all contained in here–>

*Also always have loved the lyrics to Angie by the stones.

Thirteen by Big Star,

Red Barchetta by Rush,

You Can’t Be Too Strong by Graham Parker & The Rumour. I could go on and on …

Rommy Delgado Coleman ->

“I’ll find strength in pain” Mumford and sons.

Erin Hayward – >

I would say Pink Floyd Fearless. “You say the hill’s too steep to climb, you say you’d like to see me try. you pick the place and I’ll choose the time, and I’ll climb that hill in my own way. Just wait a while for the right day. And as I rise above the treeline and the clouds, I’ll look down, hearing the sound of the things you said today”

Lukas Karlsson->

  “This is the first day of my life” – Bright Eyes – Titled

and finally, last but not least, just the longest.

Terra Kroll –>

“Take time to give thanks Make time to be given I’m going to stop and think twice About the way that I’m living

Did I say a kind word Am I proud of my actions You know a job well done Gives me satisfaction

Can I earn your trust Your love and affection Just one step at a time In the right direction

Going to aim for the sky Keep my feet on the ground Raise my voice to the heavens Make a joyful sound

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Naaaaaaa…. Make a joyful sound

Can I sing for my supper And play for my rent I know it sounds funny But it’s how my time’s spent

Greet everyday with full purpose With passion and pride I’m going to follow my heart And have nothing to hide

A moment of insight I know why I’m here You know when the time just stops See it all real clear

I’ve got to set an example Make some mischief and fun Do unto others and Play a fat bass run

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Naaaaaaa…. Make a joyful sound I got to work hard everyday And give it my best Grab hold of fear and negativity And lay them to rest

I know my time here’s important Can I do the right thing? Practice patience and forgiveness Feel the joy that they bring

Can I lay down tonight Without feeling regret? I know the love that I give Becomes the love that I get

Well do you hear what I’m saying Making sense to you? Well if you feel it in your heart Then you might want to sing too

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Naaaaaaa…. Make a joyful sound

I don’t want to sound preachy Make you feel all wrong Just want to write some kind lyrics Sing a feel good song

It’s kind of hard to explain It is just a feeling I get From making music making love Getting both feet wet

Well every piece to the puzzle Snapped tight to the groove I Close my eyes breathe deeply and Let my feet move

You know I feel a little better Now for speaking my mind Good vibes in circulation and See who they find

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Naaaaaaa…. Make a joyful sound – >

The String Cheese Incident –