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GO FUND MY PHISH FEST!! Dreams Coming True Alert!!! Please Share and Help BethKaya & The Self Care Cove!



8/9/18 11:03am – WHAT A WEEK. We are scrambling here. Breaking down new orders, organizing product, calculating the debt (AH!) and trying to make that time hack for this fest! We have had a bunch of new donors so peep the updated list and THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting me and my team. I hope to make you all proud!

8/6/18 5:37pm – It is the mad dash to the finish line here. The next few nights a team of friends and cove staff will be giving their all to the production line. WHY? I don’t know I swear I’m an awful human. I’ve even gotten hate mail from this campaign. My skin is thick now, that’s why I am READY TO TAKE THIS ON! I have updated the meter and added the latest donors. Shake these people’s hand for me next time you see them next.

8/4/18 10:46am – UPDATED the progress we are making! AHHHHH Thank you guys so much for your donations and shares! I placed 3 HUGE orders last night and I fear its still not enough! More updates later late to open the store!

8/3/18 10:20am – Woke up to more support, therefore woke up crying lol! Thank you guys, I’ve updated the meter and¬†updated donor names – if you do not wish to be listed , please let me know! I know people like to remain anonymous sometimes. So this morning Danielle (amazing) is watching the store front so I can mail out the payment and place orders and ALSO register for a NY state tax Id. Isn’t this fun? ūüėČ We had an amazing pod of people in the store last night taking the products from my hands after I made it and packaging it up in bulk for me. It was FIERCE. I came home with buckets of product. All of that has to get designs for labels done , printed, cut and affixed. We work in a sweat shop with good music.

8/2/18 11:39pm – Finished working with an amazing team of volunteers executing designs for hours. This journey will be incredible! We have a few more donations and for 1 day of fundraising we end tonight at $605. THANK YOU. We will keep going until we kill this. So grateful!

8/2/18 5:09pm – Contract is in, Insurance is Updated, Staff Booked and in 5 hours of putting the word out , many incredible people have stepped out to vocalize support, to share our posts, to pledge some dollars! I am really incredibly moved and down to Phish’s KIND staff and their sensitivity to someone as scattered as me has been just amazing. I will keep you ALL posted about this saga as we go and thank you all for any inch of encouragement you’ve given me! I am putting some SERIOUS burns on my credit cards! It’s smoking!

Here is where we are at since first posting this blog! THIS MORNING! It’s amazing:

Help BethKaya and the Self Care Cove Get To CURVEBALL!

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*If you wish to be removed from this list, please let me know!

Original Post 8/2/18 10:58am

From the beginning of my business career , phish was there. I started selling jewelry in the parking lots at what fans call ‚Äúshakedown‚ÄĚ. Shakedown is a cosm of commerce , illegal commerce but none the less a pop up street bizarre, one or two parking lot lanes long and it‚Äôs where you can buy sell or trade anything from jewelry to crystals to grilled cheese and well… beyond. I sold my wares to get to the next show, and so on and so on until I started making some sick cash actually. I decided from there I wanted to peruse design school while working and then passion after passion. 13450075_10100642712116915_3003468092817334624_n

Since having my son I’ve done whatever I can to stay at his side if he needs me. I still do me, but I’m here. He can be at my store and by MY side and watch the community that is unfolding at the store come to life. The people we meet and reach , it’s incredible . Support begets more support and its incredible.

Ferris Wheel at Festival 8

Ferris Wheel at Festival 8

My husband and I have been to countless phish shows. It’s something we do to let go of all stressors and enjoy some playful music and amazing phans. The festival scene can be really special. Phish fests do not disappoint and are filled with unique camping areas, art installations and vendors- all usually pretty indie and unique. With that , I have applied every year to vend a phish fest and have been denied each year including this one. There was a drop out and phish’s team actually called me to see if I would fill in. I have agreed! It’s not even two weeks away y’all and I do not have the fees , gear or enough product.

Our Coed Bach Party In Atlantic City Phish 6/16/12

Our Coed Bach Party In Atlantic City Phish 6/16/12

WE DO however have support, I’ve cried so many times today and kissed the ground because of that support.

After getting the call it’s been a scramble to put the parts into place to make it happen.The store front will be manned by a group of loyal friends and more loyal friends will be helping me in the days coming and at the festival.

The encouragement has been insane. I couldn’t say no, I’d regret it forever y’all. This is a dream come true and I don’t mean to bust out the violins here but y’all KNOW , this road hasn’t been cake. I am STILL recovering from a major operation, I opened a store front with heavy construction and permit costs and delays, and I do live with a chronic illness I don’t even talk about. I feel so much better than ever and my friends and team are incredible. I believe in US!


What will we sell? Our booth would be located by the General Store and Showers! THIS IS PERFECT. We will sell sundries and it will be the best smelling Phish fest EVER.



-Essential Oils & Roll Ons

-Bug Sprays


-BethKaya Goodies




Will you support this?
I need support with gear, tickets, van rental, securing product FAST and the vendor / insurance fees. I hate to ask but I am asking. This means everything and the exposure alone for the business could help us break through and the experience could help us attack some of the major store investments.
Any amount helps!!

WE BELIEVE nourishing ones self with self care rituals is an essential way to cope with well…life! It’s important to fill ourselves up as much as possible.


By contributing you will help us get exposure to OVER 30K fans. We will make a LIFETIME’S worth of connections in the industry and have a memory sealed in forever. I will be able to connect with PHANS I’ve been attending shows with or sharing online with for the last 17+ years. My husband and I could have gone to Ivy League Colleges lol, instead we went to Phish. We traveled everywhere, hung with great friends and enjoyed freedom inside of our favorite band. It’s changed and shaped our lives! Our team deserves this and so do I! We are doing it either way, but with your help – I won’t sink the whole ship trying to! Thank you so much!

We will reach out to EVERY donor if we can (if this goes viral, bets are off there – ain’t gonna lie!). If you cannot throw anything to this today, PLEASE do not feel bad! A share helps or consider buying something special from my etsy someday! Thank you so much for reading!

(Fees alone for the fest are 2250!)

* I will edit this post with all the journey updates!

* Excuse my typos, I’m a woman on the run!

or below


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April Opening and JOY Spray Recipe!



Spring has sprung! My shop is open and flowing. I am slow and going, but moving! Some changes – ship time will be a little slower, please understand I take a lot of time on each package and personalize every one. This isn’t an overnight thing, especially with some welcome volume!

Oilspiration! Alllll day! . . . . . . #essentialoils #rollon #gemstones #botanicals #plantmedicine

Less green fragrances, nothing new for this season in that department, just old favorites people love. This collection is aimed at people who are sensitive to chemicals and also essential oils. With that, I have designed SO MANY essential oil aromatherapy blends and am releasing them little by little to share with you.


New Beeswax Candles and Some Hand Picked Specimes also! *If you are looking for essential Oil diffuser equipment, message me on etsy!


Check the shop out to see and read about some of the aromatherapy new players!

This season has LOTS of citrus –

Lime, Grapefruit, Lemon, Tangerine, Blood Orange

also GINGER!

and MINT – Spearmint, Wintergreen, Peppermint

Finally –¬†mid tones like Marjoram and Clary sage – This seasons hues are ALL about pushing forward, through, elevation, invigoration, motivation and inspiration!

EVERY ORDER is getting surprises to make each person feel really special for making self care a priority!

EVERY ORDER is getting surprises to make each person feel really special for making self care a priority!

What tones are you loving this season?

to try to get the word out for Ya. This is a place for #art, #communication, #connection and sometimes #charity. I also want to shout out @hopeforsteve @hopieannc and @elkemi_creations for their current efforts as well. In my next comment below im going to shout out a lot of accounts you can #pray for, and this #mandala - the #seedoflife and #platonicsolids are for anyone hurting right now, myself and sister included.

For my essential Oil heads out there here is a little recipe for a lifting

JOY SPRAY which I like to keep around the bathroom or foyer space:

*Supplies – Amazon has a great selection of oils, bottles and mixing supplies!

1 – 2 oz Glass Amber Sprayer

1 – tsp Witch Hazel

6 D Sweet Orange Essential Oil

4 D Peppermint Essential Oil

3 D Bergamot Essential Oil

4 D Lemon Essential Oil

3 D Vanilla Essential Oil (Optional)

1 – tsp 80 Proof Vodka


Mix, Shake and Spray! Add a Quartz or Citrine to the bottle to boost the Amplification Power!

Enjoy your Work Week Friends! Do it with Passion!



Re-Emerging, Renewed – BethKaya 3.0 Spring Update


COVER ART / :listen:

So it’s been about 2 months since I have checked in here. There is so much to say. Let’s start with I am feeling good. That’s a great place to be. This surgery was huge but also reminded me how small I am as well. A lot of surviving hardship is about “surrender” – a lot happens we don’t expect, and when we resist , it becomes even tougher. This time I surrendered and am very pleased with things.

The time I’ve had off to focus on self care has been wonderful. My soul feels like I gave myself the space and energy it deserved to get through this hurdle. The tumors came out clean, pathology came out great and I have spent my time resting, binging on a new found love for television and a reignited old flame, pinterest. I realised that I haven’t felt RESTFUL in so long. No wonder I was constantly anxious and stressed out.

This experience has been a shift and a gift. I hope you all enjoyed the instagram takeover from my dear friend Meri from @gardensofthesun¬†out of Bali. She let us into how she enjoy’s BethKaya’s goodies from her lens and voice.

If you missed her residency here are some outtakes!

Caption: The bug soap is my daughter's absolute fave. She loves the subtle scent, the soft lilac color and how she can let it fly over the tub.  Next up I hope to give her one of Beth's golden buddha soaps! Has anyone tried those yet?

“The bug soap is my daughter’s absolute fave. She loves the subtle scent, the soft lilac color and how she can let it fly over the tub.¬†
Next up I hope to give her one of Beth’s golden buddha soaps! Has anyone tried those yet? – Meri”


Bali life is pretty good. As in, it's amazing. I'm grateful for every single second of it. And the tub is definitely a bonus :) When we still lived in Java I got dengue fever and typhoid a few times. You just get sick a bit easier here in the tropics. We didn't have hot water for years, and when we left I knew I wanted to move to house with a bath for the days we get ill. When the soreness and the aching gets into your bones and your knuckles, and it hurts even to lie down, nothing is more relieving than a nice warm bath. And a little self-care on the weekends never hurts!

“Bali life is pretty good. As in, it’s amazing. I’m grateful for every single second of it. And the tub is definitely a bonus ūüôā
When we still lived in Java I got dengue fever and typhoid a few times. You just get sick a bit easier here in the tropics. We didn’t have hot water for years, and when we left I knew I wanted to move to house with a bath for the days we get ill. When the soreness and the aching gets into your bones and your knuckles, and it hurts even to lie down, nothing is more relieving than a nice warm bath. And a little self-care on the weekends never hurts! – Meri”


The salt scrub is my absolute fave. This is my third bag of the most divine smelling salts. Beth, you can never ever stop making these!!! . . . . . [Bethkaya takeover by @gardensofthesun]

“The salt scrub is my absolute fave. This is my third bag of the most divine smelling salts. Beth, you can never ever stop making these!!! -Meri”

I've been a raving fan of BethKaya for several years now. I still remember my very first purchase from Beth - the warm vanilla fig perfume oil mixed with little rough gems. I keep coming back to this scent, it's the one that got me hooked. Do you remember your first purchase from Beth?

“I’ve been a raving fan of BethKaya for several years now. I still remember my very first purchase from Beth – the warm vanilla fig perfume oil mixed with little rough gems. I keep coming back to this scent, it’s the one that got me hooked. Do you remember your first purchase from Beth? -Meri”


The gemstones hidden inside the soaps are the best thing ever! It's like a little surprise. The tumbled stone is slowly revealing itself from the Brandied Pear & Lemon Poppy Soap. Can you guess what stone it is?

“The gemstones hidden inside the soaps are the best thing ever! It’s like a little surprise. The tumbled stone is slowly revealing itself from the Brandied Pear & Lemon Poppy Soap. Can you guess what stone it is? -Meri”


"How does Beth even dream up all these wonderful combinations?! I mean citrus, basil, vanilla and mint! Amethyst, lavender and orange!

“How does Beth even dream up all these wonderful combinations?! I mean citrus, basil, vanilla and mint! Amethyst, lavender and orange! – Meri”


What a beautiful tone to return to!

I still need a few weeks to get my act and line up together. But my focus is centered on re-invigorated intentions – tones like Citrus, Ginger, Orchid, Artic, Mint , Guava, Coconut and Rain,. I will lean on those myself to get my physical capacity back up to where it once was again then design self care pearls for the shop.

On another note some; and by some I mean a “paraphrased few” of my words were published in an article “sort of” about self care in Refinery29 – you can find the article here:

What do you think about it?

It’s ironic that a little self pampering and love¬†is exactly what I needed for so long considering this is what my offerings are rooted within. Sending you all the best the ides of march has to offer and thank you for many of your supports.


Makeup can be the difference between feeling undead
And human again
A bra
A bra is motivation to do something
House work ?
A scar below the bikini line seeing with two stab wound eyes in the belly and a belly button puncture for a nose
Can mean weight or weightless
And a prayer you’ll never forget how hard the fight is
And where to see the light is
even when bleeding from where you shouldn’t be


See you in April!

Warmest –



*All photos on today’s blog from Meri Geraldine¬†@GardensOfTheSun¬†


This is Not a Dress Rehearsal


COVER ART/ Listen/

My mind is running a little wild with something.

Over the last few years I’ve noticed this little insidious thing on social media. There is a¬†lack of willingness to foster authentic relationships. We are full of short cuts & tear downs. No one is here to make sure anyone else makes the climb, and no one is here to make sure others don’t. What I mean by that is the “digital bullying” has to end and the digital soap boxing is tired.

No one is more deserving of ANYTHING than anyone else, if you are working hard on your own path.

I have made a few foes along the way in this business. Most of them have come from quite literally me being assertive or up front. The receiving end decided that because of that, I am not worthy anymore. That is TOTALLY ok. What is not OK, is ganging up on me. It is not ok to be working behind closed doors to actively tear me or other people down. This is happening so much it’s sickening. I see it all over facebook, instagram and also emerging platforms.

You know what I am talking about! The screen grabs, the gossip, the “please don’t like this person because they did XYZ to me”. Everyone has their own truth. Honor that truth. I can be a villain to you if that is your truth, and you can be one to me too. That is OUR business. People have done terrible things to me on the way. I’ve wanted to put them on blast so many times. Oh the dirty bloggers who solicited free stuff never to deliver the promised promotions, or the bitch cliques that just don’t like me because of whatever reason and won’t even sniff in my direction. OK fair enough, we don’t vibe I guess but are¬†we so caught up in relationship shortcuts that we can’t talk things out? – That we don’t give people first chances let alone second ones? ¬†– That any¬†expression of anything but positivity or even pseudo positivity is a confrontation we can’t handle anymore? Subsequently the tidal wave response of shunning occur. This is bullshit. I’m sorry, I have to call it out.

Learn to have a two way conversation with people. I can’t tell you how many times I have not been worth that in the last year. True colors are a blessing in disguise but at the end of the day, sometimes it can turn into bullying, exclusions and ganging up. Let people discover each other without your interference. Thank You.

A client and acquaintance wrote me a letter that they didn’t want to associate with me because of something another person in the business arena said about me. Gee that seems fair? I didn’t even defend myself. I had bought this person’s art, I supported and cherished the digital connection I thought we had. I was genuine in fostering it. Who’s right is it to impune on my relationships, and even business because of a situation they had with me? Frankly and truthfully, a situation that actually had me on the end of the back stabbery but like many times in my life if you’re not even given a chance, it’s just not worth the argument. IfI was approached in a way that allowed me a chance to speak my truth, bridges could be built and this has been sitting on my heart. Ultimately, I have thousands of happy customers to put my faith on for the moment to sail me through the insecurity this causes me, naturally. This was also the second incident in the same month involving a customer who seemed to have expectations of me and a relationship I really didn’t fully grip. Could we not project so much onto internet friends?

14714617_1420132088015878_4196156668502867968_nI’m not going to be awesome to everyone, not everyone is awesome to me.

There are also some issues I have with just trolling for inspirations, rips, cherry picking customers to the point of following my family members to do so, none of this is good karma, and all of this will put you on the outs with me, personally.

We all have a right to lay out our boundaries and be respected. If you’re not respected as a pattern, you drop the axe. It took me SO long to realize it was OK to do that. To those people, I might be a villain and that is their truth. I honor that truth. Infecting others with your truth is kind of like mind washing. It’s unfair and it creates unspoken wars. I see this happening all the time among my personal peers, business peers and just from a distance – especially online.

This is getting us no where as a society. It’s not your responsibility to tear anyone down even if they have hurt you. Your responsibility is to nurture your highest purpose and perhaps even others’.

It’s also time to stop being afraid of our confrontations and learn to use a little more tact. Myself totally included! ¬†Speak up when you need to and pipe down when it’s time. ¬†If it’s not helpful, why go there? How about the just plain out of no where rude or hurtful comments from trolling scrollers? Why is this part of the fabric of digital bullying now too? Slow snipes ad up. Just don’t be that jerk.

I also want to mention, as a business owner it’s illegal to slander someone causing them to lose business to a potential customer. In writing, the proof of such is actionable. Does anyone need anymore reasons to put their words in a box before offering them? (@thisthatandthese taught me that trick!)

Here’s to better relationships, truest colors and brightest intentions, there is no dry run for this. We are living this now – every day is a chance to make advances and set better intentions.



Inspired Interview – Lex

As mentioned in my last blog – I am going to be rolling out some new projects. One of those projects is a life study of sorts. I free flowed with some interview questions, inspired by questions I’ve been asked myself in interviews. These are¬†also questions I¬†feel frame the voice of what information I want to showcase from the individuals I’m blogging about. The protein. All of these individuals, are just that, individual. They are inspired, living their truth and sharing it with the world. Like me. Sometimes everyone feels like it’s an uphill battle, and sometimes feel alone. The fellowship is there that helps light the path for dreams. We can be inspired by real people, heroes in every day life.¬†These same questions are going to be the root of this project, and the participants – the leaves of a beautiful growth. I’m not editing their words either – this is the freedom in the flow of affirming this stuff. ¬†I’d love to start this project with Alexis Pellegrino, local musician, dance technician and swagger magician.

*Cover Art (Listen)*


Tell me about yourself in a few sentences.
I consider myself to be an appreciator, curator, and mostly….a creator of art. I don’t like to limit myself to a certain medium or style. I make music one day, paint another day, embellish a jacket in the morning, conduct a dance class at night for young adults, design graphics, design clothes. I am ALWAYS trying to learn and appreciate new things. I am inspired by everything. Currently, I’m working on my solo project, “Lex Rex and the Dragons”.¬†

What is the “why” behind your magic?

I’m not sure I know how to express myself any other way. I think I have an addiction to expressing myself.¬†
Much like many people who express themselves through creative outlets, I had a pretty interesting childhood. I was terrorized in school. I like to skate and surf. As a kid I was ranked in the Eastern Surfing Association. I used to paddle out during the winter months and if you know anything about a full suit….you know having long hair is a pain. So, I chopped my hair off. Short cut, and I was absolutely a “tom boy”. I used to get made fun of for being “gay” and a “dyke”. Then my hair grew out, and I was made fun of for being expressive. I always dressed quirky. I’d paint my pants, paint my shoes, make t-shirts…..I guess I was pretty DIY punk at a young age…but I didn’t even know what that was at that age. I was just being me, really.¬†
How has your past influenced where you are now with your career?
Honestly, my past has both negative and positive influences on my career….but I am a firm believer of believing in the universe. I was very nervous to start making and doing music. It is the only thing safe to me. Gets me the highest. I was nervous to put it out in the atmosphere for some time. It was/is sacred to me and I didn’t want to be put down like I was in school.¬†
In college I used to have night terrors, that I would never actually start making and doing music. So I said “Fuck it” I am going to do this, even if it is a slow process. I started playing the keys and doing some covers. posting them online. I was in a hair metal cover band for some time, then I decided I wasn’t being fulfilled by that. I started posting some covers more covers on Facebook and was getting really into the “scene” in Asbury. I started doing some small acoustic shows and here we are.¬†
Every time I do a show, I do it and “pour some out” for the people who said I was nothing…..Thank you.¬†
What are two major things that you can’t be without on your day to day operations?
Well, in 2016 I would be absolutely lying if I said my phone wasn’t a big deal. I am inspired a lot by photographs online as well as daily things I come across in life. I am always taking pictures with my phone, as well as listening to music. I also really love to stay in contact with my friends and family. They are very supportive of me and I am always showing them love as well.¬†
The other Major thing would be my backpack. I keep my journal in there, my dinosaur figurine Parizzz and my dragon figurine Rex Jr., My polaroid Camera, A plethora of headphones, pens, USB drives, my computer……it’s basically my life kit.¬†
What is something that you learned only after you went for your goal, that you want to share with anyone shooting for theirs?

For SOOOO LONG, I tried to fit into the local scene. The rock that the local scene is doing isn’t exactly what fits me best. I grew up listening to Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Pop. That is where my music is focused now. That is me. Always be YOU!
Where is the rush in this passion for you? 
The rush isn’t exactly the finished product. It’s the foreplay. It’s the mental vision, the inspiration, the soul, the guts and glitter behind
what I am trying to convey. The finished product is usually never EXACTLY how you envision it….if you are lucky and work with the right people…’ll be better. But like I said, it’s about the process. The process is the sexiest part.¬†
What are the pitfalls?
The pitfalls are definitely just life in general…you know…the saying “Life Happens”. Your life happens, my life happens, the people you work with…their life happens. You have to trust the process though. We aren’t Interscope, we aren’t robots…..we are humans trying to make art, while living. Shit happens. In saying that, I am definitely what I call OD and absolutely OCD. I am always trying to make myself and the people around me challenge themselves and let the “babies” we make inspire them.¬†
How do you manifest things into reality? 
Didn’t you see the Barbie Jeep I rolled in on? For real, I have one….her name is BJ.¬†
Reality is a big thing for me. I understand every artist has an ego of sorts. I see some people in the scene with some REALLY BIG egos. I don’t ever want to take anything for granted, I don’t want to take people for granted, I don’t want to be a monster and treat people like shit. I believe in being firm…I don’t believe in being a dictator. I work with kids everyday. if you don’t humble yourself, they will humble you….and sometimes even if you humble yourself, they will still humble you. haha
Where are you hoping to head next?
I am currently in the studio, looking to have a single drop for my project “Lex Rex and the Dragons” before November. I am also having an EP in the works as well as some videos happening. Super stoked for that. I am excited to just live in the process.¬†
Currently listening to? 
I am absolutely a playlist kind of girl. I’ll rattle off some artists on my current playlist.
Kendrick Lamar, David Bowie, Frank Ocean, M.I.A., Lauryn Hill, Kanye West, Gorillaz, Madonna, Stevie Wonder, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Rae Sremmurd, The Weeknd. 
Some one or a quote that inspires you:
My dad is my biggest inspiration. He is arguably the reason I am a creative. He is a phenomenal Jazz musician. He still hustles teaching children and playing gigs. If i can be half the person my dad is, I’d be the happiest person.¬†
Both of my parents are my best friends. I literally and figuratively wouldn’t be here without their love and support.¬†
What drew you to work with BethKaya? 
I love to work with passionate people. Beth is a passionate person. I am always supporting her endeavors and cheering her on via social media. It is so refreshing to see someone who makes quality art, who is also the most positive, supportive, and absolutely energetic person. I am also super inspired by her accomplishments thus far as well as her work ethic and drive. She is building an empire. HOMEGIRL is NOT MESSIN ROUND. #womancrush. 


Instagram: lexrexandthedragons
*Photos Property of Alexis Pellegrino

Karma Cartel Fragrance Launch – Collab


Back in October of 2015 I vended a local punk rock flea market. In the front area I remember meeting these two well dressed young men, with sleek correlating gear on. They were Jose Serrano and Chris Rockwell, partners for the clothing and lifestyle brand, Karma Cartel. I wouldn’t know it till nearly a year later, they would be collaborating with my own brand.

Chris runs a local series of events and coordinates with a lot of local talent in a very unique way. Support, Encouragement and Teamwork seem to be values that engulf the activities that the gentlemen take part in and host.

We found ourselves cosmically meeting to create a new flavor for their incredible brand, a pair of fragrances. These fragrances would embody the moral, spiritual and even swagger of their blooming indie label.


Several smell sessions and thought storms later, a really effortless set of communicating fragrances were born. ” K ” & ” C “

While entirely meant to both be unisex, one employs more of an assertive vigor while the other is softer and vulnerable.

image1Each is firmly rooted in ¬†fine sandalwood and home brewed madagascar vanilla. “K” is twisted with brighter coconut tones and “C” is bound in leather & amber. ¬†“K ” is paired with genuine grade AAA peridot and moonstone and¬†whole Jasmine Buds. “C” is met with genuine¬†garnet & coffee moonstone as well as red sandalwood bark. ¬†Sandalwood and Jasmine both represented a karmic relationship, as both are deemed in some cultures as holy and sacred natural offerings. Both¬†are made of certified green fragrances and plant concentrates and are nearly completely natural.¬†image2 The outcome of this duo is much like the collaboration itself, my organic vibe meets¬†their¬†urban luxe & street spirit¬†driven aura¬†and the results are in the fragrances. Like all of my hues, each is meant to take you somewhere you longed to be, ¬†perhaps once knew, and most certainly wish to go to again and again.

Karma Cartel is launching this line Thursday August 18th! Visit their site, check out their label, and read more about these fragrances as well as snag them for yourselves! It was a pleasure designing for such a lively brand rooted in community and culture.

BethKaya Live Event Notice! *Soulsational Music & Wellness Festival*


Heads Up I am going to be vending live, all of the art and holistic things you can dream of in a special installation for the SOULSATIONAL MUSIC AND WELLNESS FESTIVAL 2016!  Click on that for more information about the festival as a whole I am super excited to be part of this movement!

Please stop my mine and all of the stages and booths! Bring your children and the whole family. There will be music and just good vibes all around town!

Flier This

Hope to see you there!


Here is the official festival flier!! I believe I am booth 52 on the map if you want to stake me out ūüėČ I will be offering Henna Services and some other surprises just for this event. Please come say hi!





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Here’s the deal, I have had a tremendous amount of difficulty with my words and footing lately. There is a lot going on in the world that is tough to swallow. Emphatically this is all too¬†heavy and heart wrenching. Almost 2 weeks ago, a radical asshole shot up a club with people inside. This happens too much.

I can’t process this in any other way . ¬†I made some art.


This piece of art is screaming at me. I wanted to make a donation to the PULSE victims club in the wake of the tragic shooting, but felt guilty about the small impact a small donation really has. So I thought, well – I’ll put what I was going to donate into the art, and that will be my donation – and my peers will get a symbol to share and plaster every where out of this and together we can forge a bigger drop in the bucket a message and even a donation.

I created this sticker and it’s¬†here – I have 50 to start

I hope to sell out and drop a chunk of love off to :

^^^ by all means donate directly. РOf your donation to buy the sticker, apart from processing fees (from paypal, credit cards, and postage) Рthe remainder will go towards the group donation.

If I sell all 50 – I’ll do another run! Maybe I will put it towards another crisis situation that needs LOVE or keep it flowing towards this group. I don’t know, I know people need help, and to see love and be love everywhere and I don’t like to feel helpless. My peers helped in the wake of Hurricane Sandy in ways that one a grassroots level moved mountains. Those are the people I associate with. Lets move another mountain.

Even in shadow, we can be love. Things happen that are ugly, we cannot pretend they don’t happen. This is an age old battle. We need to confront these this and stand up for what counts.



4″ X4 ¬†– Die Cut High Quality Matte “Bumper” Sticker,



Thank You – Keep you posted.



How INSTAGRAM gave me roadmap, and stole it back.



This blog has never really had a solid goal or direction. I’ve owned this domain for over 14 years its just been my spot in space. In the last 3 years I have been interacting heavily on INSTAGRAM (IG). @BETHKAYA

IG gave me an incredible tool to communicate with. It became something I loved. I made buckets of new friends, connected with clients all over the world and explored beautiful photography techniques that would help my art¬†become a viable business and voice of my own.¬†This felt like the¬†renaissance. I was getting a lot of traffic from every share. Every share amounted to sales, and brands were connecting with me to collaborate. It totally had it’s underbelly. Copy Catters and other various bits of undesirable natural social hiccups but I have sang the platforms praises, till now.

In the last 9 months or so, I noticed something alarming. I am organically sitting with 20 thousand + blessed subscribers. However, I am only engaging with less then 1% of them. When my following was at less than 10K I was garnering about 300 engagements per photo, this has been steadily and cyclically slashed. Now at 20 k I am engaging around 100. Also , I LOVED giving shout outs. I love tagging my friends and other makers in photos. Now when I do so, my photos are blocked and sometimes just removed. What happened?

I stare at my shop analytics and see the writing on the wall. The traffic to etsy is not coming from etsy (Thanks Etsy?) its coming from Instagram and a shred from google alla this site. Sales are remarkably down. They are still trickling from previous clients.¬†I am sure grateful for these relationships I took time to foster. New clients? Very slim. This is panic mode¬†as a business owner. I can’t stand quiet about it either.

I thought about class action lawsuits on the grounds of interfering with my ability to conduct business. I have over 100 friends who are feeling the algorithmic throttle from Instagram too. Did they have a task force come and hunt us down and sell us to the spam people who email me 3 X a week asking if I need more likes on my photos? Probably. Did haters mark my posts as spam or report me? A fraction, Probably. Did facebook decide that in order for me to reach my audience I need to boost through their marketing console on my facebook business page? Totally! Ultimately I can’t help but think there is a liability waiver for all of these thoughts built into their terms and conditions. I mean – who really knows what we sign away every time we agree to another app? Right? I can assume I have no leg to stand on. I can assume that once again the small business red tape grows wider then we were led to believe because social media “lessened that”.

So here I am, cut off from you. I’m not gonna lie – it hurts in more ways I can begin to describe. I watched a video of (KATWISE) another indie roots artist, who’s work I know from the music scene. In her video she was crying because of the very thing I am typing about. Being cut off from you, who we love, who supports our art, keeps food on the table and the lights on in our homes. For some artists, its not just a hobby – we price on formulas for fair market so we can compete in a healthy thriving arena. We sell wholesale, things we’ve made our selves. We are around the world with our businesses. We are up at all hours, fighting with the post office or packing things with absolute labors of love. Somehow that community gets that we to need lift each other up. We get each other and want to see others fullfill their passions and make a living at it if possible.

I know by now IG has¬†seen the dozens of petitions, the #keepitchronological campaigns and more. I know Instagram robots have seen the 20+ letters I’ve written begging for¬†throttle to my waiting audience to be lifted.

What else can I do?


I was just a kid with a dream once too. A 16 year old on her own set out for NYC to be a working artist some day. I worked for the machine and clawed through design school at night. Instagram gave me a present, a way to express, UNDILUTED and in the most authentic way possible. People took to that, organically – and you took those people.

I know, I know, it’s just a platform. Wake up and live real life right? I know. All the haters, hate on me for being a cry baby. I will take that too.¬†It’s just a space in time – things change, roll with the punches, sink or swim right?

I’m not going down either – I will keep sharing even if it’s to limited¬†eyes. Those eyes matter!

This is about the art and what message is left behind when all it becomes is cosmic debris. The content I make comes from something that has nothing to do with this, and I admit I got too wrapped up in it’s power. This is a great equalizer. I won’t compare myself to those who haven’t been targeted¬†by these shifts or who have garnered insane audiences doing things that well, have different merits then I would invest in. ¬†“Followers” are not the things to be preoccupied with. Relationships are. You can pan for gold in a gold field and still just find one little golden piece, but gold is gold.

Anyway, I just had to get that it out. This¬†was an uppercut to my ability to do a lot of things growth wise that I had projected this year but I am just taking a detour and more real world roads this time. Thankfully, people still exist. That’s the medicine. Don’t put all your business eggs in one basket, and businesses found ways to survive when the climate changed.

Strikes and Gutters-




*Edited to ad a side rant about Etsy, what is going on with etsy?

Apart from not getting any traffic or sales from their strip mall, they are using bots to deactivate listings based on algorithms too. 3 times in the last week my listings have¬†been deactivated for no reason in my eyes. I spoke intensively with the “integrity” team as well. In order to garner traffic from etsy, you have to promote your own listings on top of the listing fee AND¬†the check out commission? Where does it end? Stop nickle and diming! Stop bullying the little guy, who has done nothing but bring YOU traffic and revenue. Sheesh!

BethKaya Spring Preview 2016

Own it, all of it And don't say sorry. #bethkaya photo by @jeremysgordon

Own it, all of it
And don’t say sorry. – BethKaya
#bethkaya photo by @jeremysgordon


A wise man Robert Anton Wilson once said:

“A true initiation never ends.¬†”


-It doesn’t ever end and we tell ourselves;

” when it slows down”, “when we are over the hump”, “when we have more money”, “when there is more time”, “this will pass”


But ask yourself  if any of these thought limitations serve your purpose? Honestly, and this is something that has been hard for me to accept. Life is a series of initiations, there is ALWAYS going to be something to step over and accept.

Accepting right now, the timing of everything and where you are and where you are going is kind of hard when you are full of drive, ideas, and goals. One thing at a time – we are all undergoing deep initiations all of¬†the time. Some of us are tra la la along and don’t writhe through these tides, and some of us come in and out of skin again and again. Both are acceptable but resistance, resistance is what leads to suffering. I resist, I am not telling anyone how to live life on my blog but rather live life through thought and process, consciously. This is how I am coping too. Post surgery, Post Winter, Post latest initiation.

My¬†blog has been having issues the last month as well so I haven’t been able to update as much as I would like but it works again and now I’ve learned about blog security! Yay!¬†I will be posting more often because I have my keys to this car back – and I feel like they are out of my hands sometimes on social media. A lot of people¬†want to cash in on you if they think ¬†you’re successful at something. I have been successful and I am glad. That’s all because of you and me. I put in a lot of work and GRIT to get¬†to this place and no one is sailing over here. It’s hard work every day.

"Reality is always plural and mutable." - #robertantonwilson

“Reality is always plural and mutable.” – #robertantonwilson


I’m glad to finally feel confidence in what I have done and am doing. It’s a yellow brick road. There are lots of twists but you posses that power all along you just have to journey for it. Additionally while I have been climbing I have¬†I holed up for a while and it’s never a great idea to hide yourself away so I am trying to get out there and just good old fashioned be WITH people again.

Remember that? Before our phones stood like a study carol between fun and who we love? Before I lost the last 2 years of sleep gritting out my business?It’s a weird climate to flesh out as a person, a mom and an entrepreneur.

My latest initiation is calling for this , the presence, the present, being present. The NJ shore has a lot of things to do and the locals are doing their part to make it interesting. More details THERE too coming soon. I just signed on to do the SOULSATIONAL festival here on the shore this summer and will have more details on that soon along with other events.

Going Home to @atmanandayoga in NYC My New Yorker contingency can shop in person there next week! Very excited, ÔłŹbeautiful studio downtown! ‚ö°ÔłŹ #yoga #crystalinfused #natural #holistic #shamanic #intentional #lifestyle #art #joy #passion

Going Home to @atmanandayoga in NYC My New Yorker contingency can shop in person there next week! Very excited, ÔłŹbeautiful studio downtown! ‚ö°ÔłŹ #yoga #crystalinfused #natural #holistic #shamanic #intentional #lifestyle #art #joy #passion


As winter comes to a close I have developed and honed well loved products and listened to your feedback. Thank you for your photos on all of your reviews and for your words of support and encouragement. BethKaya also became proudly insured members of the Handmakers Soap and Cosmetic Guild – and I am building out my¬†presence in shops, boutiques and retail fronts all over the world! I just landed product in Australia, The UK and set up shop at a place in NYC. ¬†(**I keep stopping myself from writing “our” presence – who is our? I am just ME – It is ALL done by 1 person!**)

If¬†you’re still reading this, please join this group because my facebook is kind of broken unless I pay for you to see it.¬†It’s been a long road to break through and getting to a point of substantial social media growth and feeling it censored by advertisers is an objective to overcome.



FB –


Content¬†from my actual BethKaya page must be paid to promote for you to see it. How authentic is that really? Do you want to see “sponsored” in the corner of my all of my artwork? I refuse, honestly. Give it to who wants it, feed it to who will eat it – take it or leave it.

#blissedout #protected #blacktourmaline #merkaba #lotus #sacredgeometry #mandala #crystalgrid

#blissedout #protected #blacktourmaline #merkaba #lotus #sacredgeometry #mandala #crystalgrid


I am happy to report that my deck of harmony cards went to print and its coming! 17 cards in all front with a unique intentional crystal grid and the back with a self growth mantra ! I have passed out 250 in orders and on a few tables as promised and am almost completely out of them!

That entire set of cards is available on preorder HERE.  

Those will be out in just a few weeks as well. All preorders will come with a mandala sticker and sacred geo tats. Self publishing is super expensive and I uploaded all of the artwork to redbubble to help offset the costs. I’ve ordered from them to support my girl Mal at WingostarrJewelry ! The products are quality! Check out my SHOP tab¬†for etsy and redbubble items and here is a lil preview of the redbubble jams.

Stay tuned to just more here and you know I OWN this and despite being hacked twice (touche) I just need to work with these tools and survive like businesses used to before the internet. How’s that for a BethKaya Spring Preview? Eh, playing by the rules is boring.

What does this make you feel?

What does this make you feel?

Box By JDrew Carpentry and Photo By BethKaya.

Feel free to always reach out by etsy chat or BethKaya AT

New Things to Look For in my Etsy Shop:

“Lunar Divide” “Crystal Lips ” Awakened Eyes”


‚ú®New Under Eye Oil ‚ú® #AwakenedEyes #crystalinfused #ByBethKaya "Awake. Shake dreams from your hair My pretty child, my sweet one. Choose the day and choose the sign of your day The day's divinity First thing you see. A vast radiant beach in a cool jeweled moon Couples naked race down by it's quiet side And we laugh like soft, mad children Smug in the wooly cotton brains of infancy The music and voices are all around us. Choose they croon the Ancient Ones The time has come again Choose now, they croon Beneath the moon Beside an ancient lake Enter again the sweet forest Enter the hot dream Come with us Everything is broken up and dances." -The Ghost Song, #TheDoors

‚ú®New Under Eye Oil ‚ú® #AwakenedEyes #crystalinfused #ByBethKaya “Awake.
Shake dreams from your hair
My pretty child, my sweet one.
Choose the day and choose the sign of your day
The day’s divinity
First thing you see.
A vast radiant beach in a cool jeweled moon
Couples naked race down by it’s quiet side
And we laugh like soft, mad children
Smug in the wooly cotton brains of infancy
The music and voices are all around us.
Choose they croon the Ancient Ones
The time has come again
Choose now, they croon
Beneath the moon
Beside an ancient lake
Enter again the sweet forest
Enter the hot dream
Come with us
Everything is broken up and dances.”
-The Ghost Song, #TheDoors