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The Butterfly Wellness Project – An Opening Ode


Healing comes in many shapes and forms ✨ #crystalgrid #merkaba #sacredgeometry #comfort #determination #poise ❤️ #crystalhealing

It is the moment we realize that we are always in transit, that we can ever fully arrive. Sometimes, change can occur over a period of time, incidents and instability. Sometimes, change can occur in a heartbeat.

I wonder about that heartbeat. How loud does it shake the walls inside of my body? Is it a healthy tone like my favorite guitar player’s amplifier? The biggest gift you can give to yourself is worthiness. Everything you’ve ever wanted to do in life, almost – can be activated on self worth alone.

The Butterfly Wellness Project is a campaign towards fitness, sharing goals, aligning vitality, health and wellness solutions on a universal level. Without wellness, there can be no wholeness. I am on my own journey and hope through sharing this with you that together we can achieve our goals goals.

The Butterfly Wellness Project 1

I am worth my goals. I am worth a complete lifestyle shift further into awakened living. You are too.

Thank you for sharing this affirmation and I look forward to talking more about the Butterfly Wellness Project with you!

I started a new instagram feed to highlight this initiative.


Light in you and all around you,


Zero 7 – Crosses from FRIEND on Vimeo. *Hubs was playing some music by Alan Parson’s project while I wrote this tune called “Game’s People Play” – Reminded me of this Zero 7 tune, might even be a homage to it. Some pretty neat Mandala animations!

Spirit Activating Love from The Big Island – Natural Skincare Spotlight


Natural Skincare From The Big Island – Holistic Spotlight

A lot of the partnerships and collaborations I choose to do come from a purely synergistic place. For one reason or the next, people are brought into view for me and we connect. Two of those people just recently happened to be based on the Big Island in Hawaii. Ironically – the timing is incredible because it is the anniversary of when something deep in my core was activated on the Big Island. My husband and I hiked a now too dangerous part of Kalapana with an experienced tour crew. The hike was grueling but we witnessed splendor in geomantic forms. Hawaii has a lot of that – the magic of their special soil and offerings to be had from that earth is very inspiring and cosmic.

Plantspiration ☺️ from @omjsk INSTAGRAM

Plantspiration ☺️ from @omjsk INSTAGRAM

I recieved some oils from VETIVER FARMS HAWAII (VFH). What Can I say about the freshness and pure seduction of such incredible earth essences captured so delicately? Plant magic is a delciate art – you have to love this to produce such miracles. Their oils are miracles.

I like to use essential oils on a diffusing bracelet made by my friend Rebbecah at Seed Essentials. She hand carves diffusing ceramic into natural seed like shapes and uses polished mala style gemstones and woods in harmony. I requested this piece to be in all black transformative and grounding stones. It has Jet, Lava, Onyx and Obsidian. Using VFH oils with this bracelet has been a dream for me. Though the oils are diluted in care so you can apply them directly to the body which is nice; I am very sensitive to these types of EO’s so the bracelet is a nice alternative for me vs. skin. Also  I’ve used this bracelet to help my little one get the benefits of these oils. He has a cold as we speak and I’ll drop VFH eucalyptus on the bracelet and ask him to smell it, carefully. He enjoys it and it helps to open up passageways!

The ?universe has a way of telling you that you are on the right path. Today 3 years ago on my birthday I climbed a volcano and touched lava with a stick on the big island in Hawaii. It awakened my spirit in a way nothing else but giving birth had done since. It was a very tough hike and since the tour service has had to close due to dangerous conditions. Today I received this beautiful package from @vetiver_farms_hawaii with three incredible oils I can smell right through each box. I've been wearing this grounding bracelet from @seedessentials with a diffuser bead for a few weeks now and am beyond excited to use them together and in some of our shop yummies! ✨ thank you for such a treat!! Aaaand impeccable timing I must say! ? These Jade Agate polished bangles are the only two I have left in my etsy shop in jade (a few customers have asked) ✨✌️ Spoon ring by @mal_wingostarrjewelry ✨??#saturday #bigisland #essentialoils #thatgoodgood #aromatherapy #vetiverfarmshawaii


I love to blend Vetiver Farm’s Eucalyptus with their Vetiver. It’s really high time that people open up to the powers of the olgfactory process (the reactionary system produced from our sense of scent) ! It is the most direct route to our nervous system. Something about Vetiver has called to me a lot lately. It supports sleep for starters, and has a unisex appeal. I personally resonate with deeper, rounder tones vs. sweet scents. It’s also very grounding, calming, sensual and tunes your root chakric system. Eucalyptus is a powerhouse oil and has those invigorating and awakening properties as well. Together, for me,  it’s a motivator and anxiety buster. The quality of the Vetiver Farms Hawaii’s products is the actual vigor of the island captured in a bottle. Check out their instagram feed to see how neat the process of growing this plant is! @Vetiver_farms_hawaii

Making ✨magic✨ with the help of @vetiver_farms_hawaii ? so in love with the freshness and quality of their oils!!! Just a few drops in this clay milk facial mask to open passages and pores! #skincare #shopsmall #vetiverfarmshawaii #detox #health #fitness #vitality #bybethkaya


I also had the pleasure of mingling with another beautiful herbalist from the big island as well – Shawn from Honest Owl Herbal Apothecary (OHA). She sent me so many incredible things. She captures the gentle vibration of herbs and flowers in moon drenched waters and butters. Incredible. Absolutely. Every inch of these products has love from the notes to the packaging and preperation. I used her Tulsi and Sandalwood Hair Conditioner tonight and truly was just crying about how much my textured hair wants to dread. It’s crispy and needed the clarifying lift this gentle aromatic product lended.  This spray soothed it, softened it and didn’t leave it oily like other products on the market! I’ve taken her flower essences in times of anxiety along with my essential oils from VFH and can delightfully and honestly say – both are aiding me right now.

Headed to my marketing job this am - woke up with intense anxiety. Had to take a breather and also a minute with these wonderful flower essences and Hawaiian orchid necklace from @honestowlherbal . Wow - the energy I received from her package took me back. I'm so grateful for this rescue this am - goodbye anxiety - hello world! Also I have this eclipse piece on by @emmyeffdesigns grateful for the flowers still blooming. Never stop blooming! Have a good Friday my friends!


The “innercalm” balm from HOA – is such a dream too. I put it ALL over me tonight after the shower. It feels so emollient like a hug. The scent is calming and warm, there is surely some ancient magic inside of this balm. Incredible. I put some on my feet and then some socks over top and it was like a miracle going on in there. So awesome! Thank you both!




?Good Autumn's Chilly Morning to You! ? Here is your regularly scheduled Saturday #BethKaya auction. ✨Today I want to reflect for just a second. It was a hard week - the cosmos put some tension into play for you didn't it? ?Well now we can all take a big deep breath - release - ?release those fears and stressors. This bundle is about release and applying lessons ?Relaxation and Intuition - Third Eye balance and Throat Activation. ⚡️ This bundle includes: ?1 - SURFSIDE - Signature Gem and Botanical #Fragrance with Blue Lace Agate, #Moonstone, Orange Quartz & Cornflower - Unisex Scent - Coppery, Coconutty, Beachy, makes you want to wear white and drink champange in the surf. I chose this because I am wearing it lately - and love to go back to the summer evenings every time. ?1 - Polished Turquoise Puffy Heart ?3 - Home Tumbled Quartz Stones ?1 - Large Citrine (of the heated Amethyst Variety) ?1 - Ginger Lime Lotion Stick ?1 - Rosemary & Lavender Shampoo VEGAN Bar (Great for beards too) ?1 - Palo Santo Smudge Stick ?1 - Signature Orgone Gem Point, Unmounted, with Peridot, Lapis, Blue Lace Agate, Nephrite, Hematite, Quartz & Aluminum ?Such a great intentionally paired bundle for you from my heart. This bundle retails around $75+. Bidding will open at $19 and go in whole dollar increments! ?To Bid: Comment with Your Bid Tag Who You Are OutBidding Winner pays $6 USA Shipping and Handling and is rated by weight and zip for International winners. Auction Closes at 9PM EST Tomorrow (Sunday) Thank you so much to everyone who supports these and most importantly of all those who Keep It Real with me! Enjoy Your Day and Many Blessings and Lunar Vibes! #goodluck #bethkayaauctions #parcel #skincare #holistic #vegan #allnatural #crystals #minerals #smudge #orgone #orgonite #crystalinfused

This is a photo of this past Saturday’s bundle auction! I’ve been doing these for almost 2 years now. So much fun and now there’s such an awesome bidding crew!!! Isn’t this lot an autumnal beauty? Tune into my instagram feed @BETHKAYA for more reviews and my regular Saturday am auctions, a few surprise auctions and some fun giveaway collabs in the next few weeks. Stay light and look for me at the BRICK NJ PUNK ROCK FLEA MARKET 10/24!  12-4 (Facebook – SkullBoysPunkRockFleaMarket)

Keep an eye out for these guys on social media and their products peppered into my shares!



Summer’s Almost Gone – Fall BethKaya Preview Through the Lens of Rommy Coleman


“Morning found us calmly unaware
Noon burn gold into our hair
At night, we swim the laughin’ sea
When summer’s gone
Where will we be
Where will we be
Where will we be” 

– Summer’s Almost Gone

The Doors

Summer is always very transformational. I spend the winter designing away, and the summer traveling, gardening, harvesting and planting universal starseeds for the winter. Doors slammed shut, gaping cosmic holes blew wide open. As an emotional journey, it’s been a whirlwind. Death of loved ones, and old ideas vs birth of loved ones and new ideas and learning to flow within the body of time’s journey and my work’s evolution.

 Here is a preview of my collection rolling into fall.


September is around the bend, my baby sister leaves for med school and my baby boy gears for PreK. I burned bridges and started to mend others. One of my favorite photographers, Rommy Coleman has been by my side for years to help me document important things – this past weekend she took a stab at documenting my work, where usually she’s recording an event in my life.


Guayusa Tea, Chamomile, Calendula, Lavender & Himalayan Salt Bath Bombs With Patchouli & Lavender Essential Oils

Signature Orgone Style Talismans Utilyzing Recucyled Metals, Flowers, & Gems in Trans-mutational Harmony with Mark's Hops and Lavender

Signature Orgone Style Talismans Utilyzing Recucyled Metals, Flowers, & Gems in Trans-mutational Harmony with Mark’s Hops and Lavender

There’s something special about my friends back home in Maryland. They just have cosmic gifts and I am so blessed to be influenced by them and that arise in my work. One of my very favorite couples, The Thomas’ are share farmers on a beautiful farm in Mount Airy Maryland, England Acres Farm. It’s a gorgeous piece of earth and I highly recommend visiting the market for incredible seasonal offerings. Mark Thomas blessed me with some of his precious hops to incorporate into some of my products as well as fresh lavender. It smells different from the lavender we grow at home, it’s a little spicier. It’s very exciting to have my hands on this stuff and by kismet love Rommy got her hands on them first to take some incredible product shots.


Swirl, Standard, White Cap and Limited Square Gem and Botanical Vial Fragrances, My Faithful Grace Best Selling Travel Perfume Spray and Signature Orgone Crystal Pendulum Necklace with Mark’s Lavender

Double Layer Honey & Milk Soap Scented with Vanilla Beach & Coconut Scents which Make Signature Scent SURFSIDE

Double Layer Honey & Milk Soap Scented with Vanilla Beach & Coconut Scents which Make Signature Scent SURFSIDE

I could spend all day in this vibe – at this farm and working with this amazing photographer. I will have to highlight the photos she did of my wedding and my maternity at another time!


Why not throw one of my favorite jewels in there from another favorite goddess Mallory Wingo?

Raspberry Aura Raw Prong set Ring By Wingostarr Jewelry With Mark's Cascade Hops

Raspberry Aura Raw Prong set Ring By Wingostarr Jewelry With Mark’s Cascade Hops

I hope you loved these and check out links for Rommy and England Acres Farm! EA Farm does seasonal pickings and events. Rommy freelances as  lifestyle photographer and documenter in the DC / MD Metro Area.

Photos By Rommy Coleman


England Acres Farm

Ring By Mallory Wingo


Product Brand Design By Capital Society


Lifestyle Art By BethKaya