Crystal Gazing In the Rain :) The practice of Crystal Gazing has been used for centuries by visionaries from so many cultures. Despite popular beliefs the images are not just appearing within the gazing ball. The goal is to achieve a serene state of mind and quiet meditation to inspire visionary intuition. To hone your gazing abilities sit in a calm and quiet place of clear and high energy and just quiet the mind. Focus on the sphere, focus on your breath, slow inhales and deep exhales. Close your eyes, Calm your emotions with images of ocean waves and really allow yourself to travel within the mind, silently and from a peaceful place. Allow yourself to get lost for a little while in your own calm trance. Open your eyes and see if anything appears, an idea, solution, vision whatever the mind brings up. Journal those thoughts and track your experiences. You never know where the mind is capable of bringing you! #crystalgazing #crystalball #metaphysics #spiritualist #quartz


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