Design Chops for Miles! Shelli from @capsociety is an incredible designer for life’s events, brands and really anything. Spirit brought this incredible woman into my life in matter and energy in high school back home (MD) like damn 15 years ago. As it were we both ended up on the varsity field hockey team as goalies Silverstein and Goldstein by maiden names. Later we both moved to NYC to pursue design schools in our respective fields and here we are today heading our own Lifestyle brands. She is the reason my brand came to life! After DIY ing my stuff for years I went to her asking for the prom dress my brand really needed. She designed my hallmarks and helped me snap into the suit my work deserved. It was the single most intelligent and impactful decision I have done for my business to date. This epic rant point is that spirit aligns you in your life with people who will push you further in good and bad. This synergy has been so amazing for all of these years so lucky to have your mind to meet on. Please give her a follow – her feed is beautiful, honest and funny which I appreciate madly. Love you sister! #blowme #stationary #art #design #passion #love #capsociety #designninja


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