Desperately Seeking Pattie – Introducing Lady Cartelli


Written By: Lady Cartelli

She is a new animal, a shock genetic mutation, and she has appeared everywhere, like a new model of a car, or an epidemic, or the flowers in Spring.

-Anthony Haden-Guest, The Birds of Britain, 1967

My most prized possession is a British, coffee table book that showcases the most phenomenal women of the London social scene in the sixties. Iconic powerhouses, women like Marianne Faithfull, Dusty Springfield, Mary Quant, Alice Ormsby-Gore, and Jane Asher (to name a few) were unique, talented, beautiful and free thinking.

Wearing Ossie Clark dresses and fraternizing with musicians like the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, these women helped shape a decade that has majorly influenced the world we live in today. After all, it was Pattie Boyd, wife of George Harrison, who got the Beatles interested in the  Maharishi, and where would music be today without the White Album as we know it? Pattie’s use of competing bold prints and over accessorizing is just as captivating today as it was in 1967.  The rebirth of bohemian style makes Pattie Boyd the perfect style muse for the coming festival season. 



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Note From Beth – > The showcase of Pattie’s style, while on the verge of Spring is so symbiotic with where we are in the design world right now. Follow BETHKAYA’s STEEZ board on pinterest, for textured, layered, spirited and competing style inspirations like Patties!  Stellar Showcase!

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  1. carla says:

    I love Patty Boyd’s style — her book Wonderful Tonight is so good! if you haven’t read it yet I definitely suggest it – just an amazing account of the lifestyles of these rock muses

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