Filling some orders and making extras! These are 6 oz soy wax candles with my homemade hemp wicks (soaked in ethically harvested organic beeswax) and also some little floater flowers and tart melts scented with #cedar – also some 100% natural lip balms- took me a while to get my recipe up to my own standards now I got it! So these are available immediately and have tumbled amethysts at the bottom and have mint leaves from this past harvest. Flavored with #peppermint and #sweetorange #essentialoil 2 sizes small for $6 and large for $12. Had some extra #gardenia Quartz lotion I just mixed for a client so put those in samples too, so I can surprise someone :) 6oz candles are $17.00 and every order in the next week will get 2 free #cedar tart melts. #holistic #natural #beauty #bybethkaya


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