Finally getting around to labeling some of my latest creations- these are Intentional Organic Hemp Hand Soaps with an Essential Oil Blend of Sage, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Lime and Lemon and Tumbled Gemstone a Groupings for different intentions all with the same goal – to cleanse and purify the hands of a Lightworker before or after sacred work. Also I have these little goats milk and activated charcoal with joboba facial soaps scented with one of my personal scent favorites “Forever” it’s a unisex vintage guess like scent. These little guys are perfect little samples. I only have a few of these Lemon Essential oil candles left but they make a great companion to the #shamansoap happy to bundle price anything always! These love rocks are by @elle.sendingoutlove Aren’t they so cute???


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