Found this antique thimble holder recently in my travels and it needs some love but couldn’t help putting some pretties in. Arranging altars and meditation hot spots really soothes and is a great way to just jump into working with crystals. Following your intuitions always trumps anything a book might tell you – there’s a genetic mapping we carry that vibrates aligned with certain energies and frequencies – tune into them and don’t doubt then even if they lead you into a snare – that’s part of the journey. When we are attracted to a romaric partner or a friend there is a specific alignment happening, or synergy – this is the same exact chemical response you encounter when you’re drawn to a crystal mapping. Pyrite and Flourite in the display, gem and botanical vials taking a charge before going home and my new mini Crystal ball holder from @hoodxhippie the little purple tetra next to it she charged at Coba Temple in Mexico! Rippin! #sacredgeography #esoteric #crystalwork #crystals #metaphysical #energyhealing #tunein ✨Did you enter my fun flash giveaway last night? Super easy! 2 Photos back, ends tonight!✨ XO warm Friyay vibes ya’ll 🔮


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