#Friyay – admiring these raw golden Quartzes and apatites that I grabbed recently and this #orgone lens – what would ya’ll like to see in your Saturday auction ?? I had the car today so I couldn’t exist without @canedas Empanadas @canedap do we not have an IG yet for just them?!!! I’m dying! Also stopped into my girls smoke and gift shop @omsmoke for weekend essentials!!! This candle I grabbed smells clovey and lovely and made from repurposed wax- also picked up some Amber incense cones for the studio (I need more smelly things like another hole in the face but oh well!) also grabbed some essential oils and this heady mood ring, hand lolo and sticker! Oh FRiDAY I love you and love women entrepreneurs. #jerseyshore #provisions @jschweizer1 #weekend


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