Getting ready to let my dad smell #THEADMIRALTY gem and botanical roll on™ that I released last week to represent the sacred scent profile of his father, my grandfather. I let him read the description last night and he was intrigued. ☺️ We are celebrating Passover and Easter this weekend because my parents are interfaith and my dads side is the Jewish side so Passover first. Excited to make him smile with a sacred scent that brings him to his father on this special weekend. This energy/intention vial has blue lace agate, pyrite and rubbed sage. I slept with it under my pillow last night to reign in my emotions and stabilize my ability to discern them in others. Spring is roaring in NC and it’s just showing me spurts back home (NJ). I can’t wait to hug Ms. @emmyeffdesigns !!! ☺️#holiday #family #love #intention #prayer #sacred


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