Gifting Guides Alla Etsy – Hot Gifts and Treats for the Holidays On Etsy!

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Etsy is more then where I host the goods I am hustling – its a social media platform with a LOT of flair. Part of that flair is the opportunity to host or curate little exhibits if you will – called “treasuries” that feature etsy products in a theme. Whether they are just wishlists or items in the key of purple – they are little collections of handmade goodies means to delight and awe almost like a museum showcase would! I find myself getting lost in the art of treasury making myself – so here are a few of my recent treasuries to help you out for the holidays!



Perfect Stocking Stuffers

Gifts for Him

Holiday Yummies

For the Jet Setter

Frozen Mania 

Vintage Trays for Days

Chakra Party 

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