Good Morning! Here is your #auction for today! Might do another one tonight – we’ll see! (Comment if you want one tonight and wish to be tagged) Today’s #parcel has the following: 1 – Mini Herbal Smudge, Home Grown with #Lavender, #Sage and Rose Petals 1 – Red #Ceder #Smudge Sticklet (Juniper) 1- Large Blue #Kyanite with a Kiss of Orange 1 – Larger #Amethyst Point 1- Raw Chunk of #Aquamarine #Beryl 1- Polished, Drilled and Tumbled Flourite Nugget 1 – #Geode #Druzy Half 1 – Raw #Lepidolite Druzy Hunk 3 – Tibetan Quartz Points – One with Lithium Present 1 – Black and Blue Kyanite Point 1- Titanium Quartz – Drilled 1 – Amethyst Chunk – Drilled 1 – Raw Quartz Crystal Rock 1 – Mini Patchouli EO Soap Flower with a Tumbled Gem Tummy and Mica Glow A big one today full of goodies and love! To Enter a bid – Enter your Zip Code OR Email Address with your bid in whole dollar increments, you also MUST tag the person you are outbidding. Bidding opens at $19.00 – and ends at 12 noon EST Sunday. Good Luck! Happy Bidding! #crystals #gemstones #bethkayaauctions


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